Faculty list


Name, E-Mail Specialization (Link to Researcher's database)
ADACHI, Kenki International Politics, Disarmament and Arms Control, Global Governance, Civil Society
AMEKAWA, Yuichiro Development Studies, Environmental Studies, Social development, sociology of agriculture/environmental sociology, Area studies (Southeast Asia, especially Thailand)
ATAKA, Hiroaki Critical International Relations Theory, International political Economy
BONG, Hyunkyung Applied Linguistics, Cross-cultural communication, Translation and Interpretation Studies
FUKUMI, Sayaka International Relations, Non-traditional Security Threats
HAYASHI, Daisuke Political economy, Environmental policy, Climate change policy, Energy policy
HIRONO, Miwa China's International Relations, Security Studies
HONNA, Jun Politics and International Relations in Southeast Asia, Indo-Pacific Strategic Affairs, Non-Traditional Security, Democratization, Civil-Military Relations/Security Sector Reform
HOSHINO, Kaoru International Economy, European Economy and Monetary Integration
IGARASHI, Yuko Sociolinguistics, World Englishes, Language Policy and Language Education
IKEDA, Yoshiko Cultural Studies, Semiotics
ISHIKAWA, Sachiko International development cooperation theory, Conflict and peace studies, Regional studies (Southeast Asia, ASEAN)
ITAKI, Masahiko International Economy, International Surplus Capital
IWATA, Takuo Comparative Politics, African Studies
KA, Go Comparative Cultural Studies, Comparison of Japanese and Chinese Societies
KAWAMURA, Ritsuko Rural Sociology, Agricultural Economics
KAWAMURA, Satoko International Relations (Governance of Advanced Technology, International Thought), International Administration, The Law of International Relations
KIMIJIMA, Akihiko Constitutional Law, Peace Studies
KUNSCHAK, Claudia Intercultural Communication, Language Pedagogy, Comparative Education
MASUDA, Minoru International History, History of British Politics and Diplomacy
MATSUDA, Masahiko Agriculture and Rural Development, Area Studies (Southeast Asia, Myanmar)
MINAMINO, Yasuyoshi Comparative Politics, Anglo-Irish Political History
MORIOKA, Masashi Economics, Economic Theory and Thoughts
NAKAGAWA, Ryoji Development Economics, Chinese Economy
NAKATO, Sachio IR(International Relations)/IPE(International Political Economy)
NISHIMURA, Tomoaki Interational Law, International Environmental Law
O'MOCHAIN, Robert Gender, Human Rights, Language and Identity.
OYAMA, Shinji Cultural Studies, Media studies, Creative/Cultural Industries Studies: Critical Brand Studies
RAJKAI, Zsombor Tibor Social and Cultural Studies, Modernization of Non-Western Societies, Family Studies
SAEKI, Chizuru Cultural Diplomacy
SHIMADA, Haruyuki International Development and Cooperation, Development Economics, International Relations, Area Study (South and South East Asia)
SHIRATO, Keiichi Journalism Studies (Japan、 African Countries), African Area Studies, Japan-Africa Relations
SONODA, Setsuko History, Area Studie, Overseas Chinese Studies, Modern Chinese History
SUECHIKA, Kota Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, International Relations, Comparative Politics
TAILLANDIER, Denis Cultural Studies, Japanese SF
TORIYAMA, Junko Gender Studies, Gender Studies on the Middle East, Cultural Anthropology
WATANABE, Hiroaki Richard International Relations, Comparative Political Economy (East Asia/Asia-Pacific, Europe, USA)
WATANABE, Matsuo Economic Development, African Economies, West Balkan Study (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
OHTA, Hideaki International Finance, International Economics, International Development Finance, Development Macroeconomics, Regional/Global Economies
TOKUMARU, Hiroshi Monetary Economics, International Finance

Associate Professor

Name, E-Mail Specialization (Link to Researcher's database)
CHEUNG, Yukman Cultural-Historical Sociology, Nationalism, Urban Sociology, Japanese Studies, Japanese subcultures (anime), Hong Kong Studies
DANISMAN, Idris Religion and International Relations, Islamic Thought, Turkish Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Multiculturalism
FRENCH, Thomas William Japanese History, Japanese Politics, History of US-Japan Relations, History of UK-Japan Relations
KIM, Wooja Sociology/ History of Korean Minority in Japan
KOGA BROWES, Scott Philammon Media Studies, Visual Semiotic Analysis of TV News
MATSUSAKA, Hiroaki Global and Transnational History, Intellectual and Cultural History, North American and East Asian Studies, Transpacific Studies, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
NAKAMOTO, Maoko Comparative Culture, Comtemporary History of Alsace
OCHI, Megumi International Criminal Justice (International Law, International Organizations, Peace and Conflict Studies)
SMITH, Nathaniel M. Cultural Anthropology: Far Right Political Activism, Urban Studies, Japan Studies
SUN, Junyue Comparative literature,Modern Japanese Literature,Translation Studies
TSUJIMOTO, Toshiko Transnational Sociology, Studies on International Migration and Gender, Philippine Studies
UEMATSU, Hiroki Development Economics, Poverty and Inequality, Sustainable Development, International Cooperation
YANE, Haruka International Economics, International Trade and Labor, Economic Policies

Assistant Professor

Name, E-Mail Specialization (Link to Researcher's database)
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