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The International Institute of
Social Studies of
Erasmus University Rotterdam(ISS)

The Netherlands | Rotterdam


The International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam (ISS) is an international graduate school in the field of development studies and international cooperation. ISS was established by Dutch universities and the Netherlands Ministry of Education to aim to support researches of development aid to developing countries and foster professional workers engaging in development field. ISS has produced more than 10,000 alumnus so far who are actively contributing in the field of international assistance to 150 countries and playing the central roll in Europe.

ISS is located in The Hague, known as 'The World's Legal Capital'. All courses are taught in English and provide top-highly education. Many of the students are the Netherland government scholarship recipients from developing countries and most of them are active government officials. It is quite beneficial for you to build your network with those promising people through studying at ISS.


  • International Relations Program
  • Global IR Program

  • 注1:本ページは2018年10月時点でのおおよその情報であり、変更の可能性があります。
  • 注2:授業料のほかに立命館大学への入学金(30万円)及び両大学での諸経費が発生します。
  • ※学籍上の留学期間:9月26日~翌年9月25日

  • Note1: Please note that the above information is as of Oct.2018 and subject to change.
  • Note2: Ritsumeikan Admission Fee(300,000yen) and Miscellaneous Fees will apply in addition to tuition.
  • * Official Study Abroad Period:from Sep.26 to Sep.25 in the following year

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Application Guideline

Number of Recruit

Around 2

Qualification Requirement(s)

TOEFL®- iBT score of 92 or more, IELTS score of 6.5 or more

Degree(s) to be Conferred

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Development Studies

Credits to be Earned at Host University

88 credits (ECTS)

Transferable Credits

Up to 16 academic credits earned at RU may be transferred to ISS

Program and Course Requirements

ISS offers 5 major courses listed below and students are requested to choose one of them at the time of application. All courses are conducted in English.

  • Agrarian, Food and Environmental Studies (AFES)
  • Economics of Development (ECD)
  • Governance and Development Policy(GDP)
  • Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies: Social Justice Perspectives (SJP)
  • Social Policy for Development (SPD)

Tuition & Fees


Students are required to pay a regular tuition to RU. (ISS tuition is not required under the RU-ISS agreement, but if students wish to take classes more than 73 ECTS, additional fees are required.)


DMDP students at The International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam (ISS) will be financially responsible for

  • Registration fee : 115 EUR
  • Immigration fee : 311 EUR
  • Study material allowance: 100 EUR
  • Health insurance premium incl. administration costs: 640 EUR
  • Any other expense not specified in this provision that may arise in the context of the student mobility.

Accommodations & Living Costs

ISS offers all students a room in the dormitory. The housing costs are 530EUR per month. ISS advises to reserve a total of 1100 EUR per month for living expenses (including housing).