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Kyung Hee University

Korea | Seoul


The Graduate Institute of Peace Studies, Kyung Hee University (GIP, KHU) was established in 1984 with the aim of training potential world leaders who possess a vision of a new global civil society, and are committed to the promotion of peace and human welfare. In recognition of the contribution to international peace promotion, GIP, KHU was awarded the 1993 UNESCO Award for Peace Education. Ritsumeikan University collaborates with other member Universities of International Network of Universities (INU) to embark Dual Master's Degree Program regarding Global Citizenship and Peace, and GIP, KHU is the first partnership university. GIP, KHU holds Model UN every semester and actively sends students to international organizations as an intern to focus on practical education. All students are living together in the dormitory during the semesters and that gives them an opportunity to learn community life. The campus is located in a peaceful area, an hour away from Seoul, and in such environment students are able to dedicate themselves to studying their research.


  • International Relations Program
  • Global IR Program

  • 注1:本ページは2018年10月時点でのおおよその情報であり、変更の可能性があります。
  • 注2:授業料のほかに立命館大学への入学金(30万円)及び両大学での諸経費が発生します。
  • ※学籍上の留学期間:9月26日~翌年9月25日

  • Note1: Please note that the above information is as of Oct.2018 and subject to change.
  • Note2: Ritsumeikan Admission Fee(300,000yen) and Miscellaneous Fees will apply in addition to tuition.
  • * Official Study Abroad Period:from Sep.26 to Sep.25 in the following year

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Application Guideline

Number of Recruit

Maximum of 2 students

Qualification Requirement(s)

To have enough English language ability to take the courses taught in English

Degree(s) to be Conferred

  • the Master of International Politics(Peace and Global Governance Studies)
  • the Master of Regional Studies (Asia-Pacific Studies)
  • the Master of Political Science(New Politics and Future Governance Studies)

Credits to be Earned at Host University

33 credits

Transferable Credits

Up to 12 academic credits earned at RU may be transferred to KHU

Program and Course Requirements

The following are the requirements that RU student has to fulfill in order to complete a program at KHU.

  • Complete 33 credits (Maximum of 12 credits will be transferred from RU)
  • Pass Comprehensive Examination
    Students will be subject to take a Comprehensive Examination during spring semester.
  • Present Research Presentation and Defend Thesis defense.
    Students will be subject to take present her Research Presentation and Defend Thesis defense during spring semester
  • Publish Thesis
    Students will be subject to publish a thesis at the ending of the semester students have defended the thesis.

Tuition & Fees


Students are required to pay a regular tuition to RU. (KHU tuition is not required under the RU-KHU agreement, but if students wish to take classes more than the number of specified credits, additional fees are required.)


DMDP students at Kyung Hee University will be financially responsible for

  • Accommodation fee: Approximately 1,600,000 KRW (per semester)
  • Health insurance (mandatory): Approximately 170USD (per year)
  • Any other expense not specified in this provision that may arise in the context of the student mobility.

Please note that fees here listed are as of October 2018 and are subject to change. For the latest information, please check with administrative office.

Accommodations & Living Costs

KHU offers all students a room in the dormitory. (Under the RU-KHU agreement DMDP students are subject to pay the accommodation fee during their stay at KHU)