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University of East Anglia

U.K. | Norwich


University of East Anglia (UEA) is an internationally renowned, campus-based university situated in beautiful parkland on the outskirts of the vibrant city of Norwich. UEA consistently ranks highly in national league tables and is ranked in the top 15 UK universities in Times/Sunday Times 2019.
Our teaching has been recognised for being of the highest standard and ranked Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework 2017, the government’s new method of assessing teaching quality. In addition to more than 4,000 fully furnished rooms on campus, UEA’s campus offers over 200 hectares of natural landscape, excellent sport facilities and a renowned art gallery on campus.
With more than 200 courses available, across Medicine and Health, Science, Humanities and Social Science, UEA offer a vast range of degrees. UEA is dedicated to helping you plan your future career and offer a number of opportunities to support you in achieving your long term goals.


  • International Relations Program
  • Global IR Program

  • 注1:本ページは2019年10月時点でのおおよその情報であり、変更の可能性があります。
  • 注2:為替レート 1ポンド≒152円
  • 注3:授業料のほかに立命館大学への入学金(20万円)及び両大学での諸経費が発生します。
  • ※学籍上の留学期間:9月26日~翌年9月25日
  • ※留学期間中は立命館への特別在籍料10,000円(1年間)かかります。

  • Note1: Please note that the above information is as of Oct.2019 and subject to change.
  • Note2:Currency exchange rate 1UK pound ≒152yen
  • Note3: Ritsumeikan Admission Fee(200,000yen) and Miscellaneous Fees will apply in addition to tuition.
  • * Official Study Abroad Period:from Sep.26 to Sep.25 in the following year
  • * You have to pay Ritsumeikan University registration fee of 10,000 yen (one year) while you study abroad.

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Application Guideline

Number of Recruit

Around 3

Qualification Requirement(s)

  1. TOEFL®- iBT score of 88 or more, IELTS score of 6.5 or more (average across all bands).
  2. To have at least a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 point scale (equals 3.75 or higher on a 5.0 scale) in an undergraduate program.

Degree(s) to be Conferred

Master of Arts in International Relations

Credits to be Earned at Host University

180 credits

Transferable Credits

N/A (Any credits earned at RU are not transferred to UEA as Master's degree program in UK requires only one year study)

Program and Course Requirements

Program and Course Requirements For the details, please click here.

Tuition & Fees

Students are required to pay a regular tuition to RU. (UEA tuition is not required under the RU-UEA agreement, but the payment of additional course fees and costs are required.)
Information on additional course fees and costs can be found at:

Accommodations & Living Costs

Information on accommodation for postgraduate students can be found at: living expenses are £1,015 per month.