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Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, International Relations, Comparative Politics

Research Topic

My specialization is Middle Eastern studies, International Relations, and comparative politics. I especially focus on contemporary Islamic political thought and movement, and try to reconsider the dynamics of the Middle East politics today as well as on-going IR through the analysis of them. To build “better” international society in the 21st century, we have to think over the significance of “Islam” (and being Islamic) in contemporary world.

Message for Applicants

You are required to clarify and at least confirm that you really have something you wish to know and understand through academic work at the graduate school BEFORE your application. I personally would not take care those who do not reach this requirement.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • 現代エジプト政治におけるサラフィー主義:ダアワ・サラフィーヤの政党設⽴と変容に焦点をあてて  

Advised Doctoral Dissertations

  • 戦後イラクの平和構築におけるジェンダーの主流化 ――女性をめぐる米国の政策と社会的影響を中心に―― 
  • Deradicalization Policies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Seeking Moderate Interpretations of Islam (1979-2020)