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Politics and International Relations in Southeast Asia, Indo-Pacific Strategic Affairs, Non-Traditional Security, Democratization, Civil-Military Relations/Security Sector Reform

Research Topic

My current research focuses on two topics. The first is Politics in Southeast Asia, particularly concerning democratization, electoral politics, political violence, and security sector reform. The second is regional security cooperation, including Indo-Pacific strategic affairs, non-traditional security cooperation (terrorism, piracy, illicit drugs, human trafficking, and illegal fishing).

Message for Applicants

If you are interested in topics such as: the politics and international relations in Southeast Asia; Indo-Pacific strategic affairs, political violence and security-sector reform, I would love to work together.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • The Dilemma of the Mekong River Commission in Managing the Regional Water Governance
  • The Impact of Ship Sinking Policy in Indonesia:
    Case Study in Sebatik, Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan Province
  • タイにおける「民主主義」のジレンマ  ―――2000年代の政治分析を通じて―――
  • The Kachin Ethnic Armed Conflict – “Ripe” for Negotiations?
    A Case Study of the Recent Peace Talks between the Kachin Independence Organisation / Army and the Myanmar Government
  • Political Approach of International Support to Democracy: Forming and Functioning in Electoral Affairs in the Post-Conflict Context of Nepal
  • The Role of Online Community in Indonesia’s Local Public Governance: A Case Study of Info Cegatan Jogja in Yogyakarta 
  •  Trends and Identities: Analyzing Urban Consumer Culture through Japanese and Korean Food Consumption in Greater Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Mapping the Dynamics of Japanese Popular Culture in Indonesia: A Historical Perspective
  • Beyond the Economic Lens: Japanese Environmental Investment in Indonesia

Advised Doctoral Dissertations

  • From Alternative System to Alternative Space?:The Politics of Islamic Economy Movement in Indonesia(1980s-2012)    (オルタナティブ・システムからオルタナティブ・スペースへ?: インドネシアにおけるイスラム経済運動の政治分析(1980年代-2012年))
  • Proliferation of Trans-Boundary Issues in the Making of the Greater Mekong Sub-region (大メコン圏の創造によって拡大する越境問題に関する分析)
  • The Evolving ASEAN Economic Integration: A Historical Analysis of Southeast Asia’s Dynamic Political Economy (進化するASEAN経済統合:東南アジアにおける地域政治経済発展の史的分析)
  • ポスト・スハルト期インドネシアにおけるバリの観光開発―民主化・分権化のインパクト―
  • Democracy and Pollsters in Indonesia:Agent of Civil Society or Tool of Elite Politics? (インドネシアにおける民主化と世論調査機関:市民社会の代理人なのか政治エリートの道具なのか?)
  • Beyond Separatist Conflict: Political Economy of Violence in West Papua (分離独立紛争を超えて:西パプアにおける暴力の政治経済))
  • Military Operations Other Than Warfare and Problems of Military Professionalism in Democratizing Indonesia (民主化インドネシアにおける「戦争以外の軍事作戦」と軍事的プロフェッショナリズムに関する問題)
  • Status Quo by Other Means: The Military Involvement in Domestic Security in Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand in the Age of Democracy (他の手段による現状維持:民主化時代のインドネシア、ミャンマー、タイにおける国軍の国内安全保障介入)
  • Local Elites and Cultural Politics in Indonesia’s Electoral Democracy: Three Case Studies of East Java (インドネシアの選挙民主主義における地方エリートとカルチュラル・ポリティクス:東ジャワ州3県の事例研究
  • Peace for Sale: The Cost of Post-Conflict Stability in North Maluku, Indonesia(平和の売却:インドネシア・北マルクにおける紛争後安定の代償)
  • The Role of Indonesia in Technical Intern Training Program in Japan: Disciplining Pre-Departure Orientation, Normalizing Silence, and Recycling the Dream 
  • “The Politics of Securing Khaki Capitalism in Democratizing Indonesia,” in Paul Chambers and Napisa Waitoolkiat eds., Khaki Capital: The Political Economy of the Military in Southeast Asia (Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, 2017).
  • 「非伝統的安全保障」山本信人編『東南アジア地域研究入門』慶應義塾大学出版会、2017年。
  • “ASEAN-Japan Cooperation on Maritime Non-Traditional Security Issues: Towards a New Paradigm,” in Takashi Shiraishi and Takaaki Kojima (eds), ASEAN-Japan Relations (Institute for Southeast Asian Studies, 2013).
  • 『民主化のパラドックス-インドネシアにみるアジア政治の深層』(岩波書店, 2013)