MATSUDA, Masahiko

Programs and Languages

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Agriculture and Rural Development, Area Studies (Southeast Asia, Myanmar)

Research Topic

I am interested in agriculture and rural development. Main research sites are in Southeast Asia, especially in Myanmar. I study dynamics of human-nature interaction under recent changes of social and natural environments, and I try to contribute toward sustainable agriculture and appropriate development for local people.

Message for Applicants

I try to support graduate students to achieve their challenges in research as possible. And, I hope they devote themselves to research in 2 (or more) years. In an Advanced Seminar, a weekly seminar, we discuss topics related to research theme of each student.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • Japan - Myanmar Economic Relations:
    A Case Study on Thilawa Special Economic Zone in Myanmar 
  • Japan's Policy toward Myanmar(1988-2017):
    Catching up on the “lost decades” or opening “new era”
  • Impact of migration on socio-economy in rural area of Myanmar
  • China-Myanmar Political and Economic Relations since 2011
  • Balancing economic development and environmental degradation in Wetlands: A case study in Inle lake, Myanmar
  • Japan Security Initiative towards the Southeast Asia Region: Maritime Security Cooperation
  • The ASEAN Economic Community and Myanmar: Turning Current Challenges with AEC 2015 into Future Prospects for AEC 2025
  • Myanmar-Japan Relations during the Military Government (1988~2010) and the Civilian Government (2010~2015)
  • Foreign Aid Management in Myanmar: Comparative Study between Myanmar and Selected ASEAN Countries
  • Myanmar Government Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking in Domestic and Regional Levels
  • 社会保障制度と家族・親族からみる東南アジア諸国の福祉
  • 日本における資本主義経済下での有機農業の展開  ―中山間地域・島根県を事例とした分析―
  • Village-Owned Enterprise (VOE) as Community Enterprise in Indonesia (Case Study of VOE Tirta Mandiri, Ponggok Village, Indonesia)
  • 歴史的建造物の保存・再⽣に伴う経済的価値の創出に関する⽇本・台湾の国際⽐較研究 −京都市中⼼部における京町家改修再⽣事業の例を中⼼に−
  • Stagnation of Myanmar Peace Process and Prospects for the Way Forward 
  • Myanmar’s balancing act toward China during democratic transition
  • Development of Microfinance and Its impact on Rural Household in Myanmar
  • Community-Based Ecotourism Development in Laos: A case study of Success and Challenges in Houaphanh Province.
  • Security Threats in Myanmar – Bangladesh Border Area
  • Understanding Germany’s Suspension of Development Cooperation with Myanmar in 2020
  • Occurrence of migration, agriculture feminization, and their impacts on rural livelihood in Bhutan
  • Myanmar-India Bilateral Relations: Finding the major causes of delay of India’s Connectivity projects in Myanmar 
  • Exploring the Stalled Repatriation Issue of the Displaced Myanmar Residents in Bangladesh
  • Overseas education of Cambodian students: A look at history, current development, and impacts
  • Ecotourism Sector in Lao PDR:  A Look at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats among Stakeholders for a Better Development 
  •  Tourism Development Policies and Strategies in Bagan, UNESCO World Heritage Site of Myanmar: Lessons Learned From Kyoto, Japan Regarding Visitor Management

Advised Doctoral Dissertations

  •  バングラデシュにおける飲料水問題と開発援助  ―資源に対する介入者と地域の視点―