HAYASHI, Daisuke

Programs and Languages

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Political economy, Environmental policy, Climate change policy, Energy policy

Research Topic

I conduct research on the political economy of climate change and energy problems. My recent research includes the political economy of energy transitions, regional economic impacts of renewable energy deployment, carbon pricing policy design, and energy technology innovation. Empirically, I am particularly interested in Asian countries such as Japan, China, and India.

Please refer to the following interview article (in Japanese) explaining my recent research on renewable energy technology innovation in China and India.

Message for Applicants

I welcome students with keen interests in political and economic aspects of environmental problems. The graduate study helps you acquire skills for logically analyzing the problem on the ground with academic theories and research methodologies. I consider it essential that you not only examine “what is going on,” but also contemplate “what can be done” to solve the problem.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • Analyzing institutional factors for water sector mal-performance: A case study of the Naryn-Syrdarya river basin, Kyrgyz Republic (published as “Is post-Soviet water management transformation successful in Kyrgyz Republic? Mapping of perceived problems by water experts,” Central Asian Journal of Water Research (2019) 5(1), 71–84. https://doi: 10.29258/CAJWR/2019-R1.v5-1/71-84.eng)
  • 中国における電気自動車の技術革新に関する研究―― 特許データと関連政策の分析に基づく
  • Climate Change Policy in Japan: Analysis of the Factors contributing to Japan’s Weak Climate Change and Energy Policy Framework  
  • Policy Process Analysis of the National Emissions Trading Scheme in China: What has contributed to the current design?  
  •  Constructivist analysis of AOSIS negotiation behavior in UNFCCC from 1998-2022