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China's International Relations, Security Studies

Research Topic

Does China play the role of a ‘responsible power’ in international affairs? China contributes to UN peacekeeping operations in South Sudan and undertakes large-scale investment in the oil sector there. Analysts debate whether such activities amount to ‘responsible’ behaviour, but what is missing in the debate is a perspective of those on the receiving end of China’s security and economic contributions. My research examines the often-neglected perspectives of the developing world in response to China’s peacekeeping operations and humanitarian assistance.

Message for Applicants

China’s rise has affected a variety of global issues such as peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance and environmental problems. To what extent has China exerted its influence in global issues, and what has been the nature of such influence? To consider the future of international relations, it is essential to explore these questions from global perspectives. A rich diversity of backgrounds of Ritsumeikan’s graduate students, together with my research on these questions, will make our discussion very lively and informative. I look forward to working with you all to explore China’s potential and the problems it faces in international society.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • 習近平政権下の「新時代の全面的戦略協力パートナーシップの深化に関する共同声明」と中露の国連における言説
  • China’s Sea Power in the Indian Ocean: Lessons from Mahan 
  • 中国の国内政治と規範の受容との関連性研究 ー南シナ海問題を例としてー(2013~2018)
  • ソフト・パワーから中国脅威論を分析する
  • Strengthening Economic Diplomacy in Least Developed Countries 
  • The Exclusiveness and Inclusiveness of Chinese Nationalism Based on Naturalization of Football Players
  • The Dragon in Orbit: China’s Approach to International Norms in Space
  • Does Aid Promote Trade? Japan’s Experience as a Case Study
  •  Analysis of Japan’s shifting China policy: Junichirō Koizumi’s perception of a rising China and its influence on the shifting of Japan’s China policy 
  •  一帯一路における中国のインフラ事業の政治リスク研究ーECRLプロジェクトを中心にー
  •  How does the UNDPKO’s gender policy empower women and girls in the host countries and female peacekeepers? 
  •  中国の一帯一路政策が被援助国選挙に及ぼす影響に関する研究
  •  From Community Builder to Maritime Security Provider: A Role Theory Analysis of the Influence of China’s Rise in Southeast Asia on Japan’s Regional Leadership Role Conceptions
  •  国連平和維持活動に対する中国の姿勢の変化と原因に関する研究 (2013年〜2020年)
  •  How and Why China’s State-owned Enterprises Have Been Operating in Eastern African Countries - A Case Study Based on CSR Evaluation Framework
  • Asianism ( Yazhou Zhuyi ) [亚 洲主 义] by the Chinese Reformist Political Thinkers in the Years between 1895 and 1924
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