RAJKAI, Zsombor Tibor

Programs and Languages

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Social and Cultural Studies, Modernization of Non-Western Societies, Family Studies

Research Topic

My specialization includes two main research areas: pre-modern Asian history, as well as modern social, cultural, linguistic studies. By having established various international research hubs, I am currently conducting research studies in both fields. One refers to an international study of (pre-)modern China's relationship with her neighbouring countries, while another one pertains to the study of the social transformation of socialist and post-socialist societies (so-called transitional societies) such as China, Vietnam, as well as East-European countries.

Message for Applicants

In the midst of globalization, there is a growing need for knowledge on general social trends with a global perspective, as well as on the character of inter-cultural relations. In my classes, I aim to help the students develop an ability to be insightful about essential social and cultural trends both in Japan and in a global context so that they can easily orient themselves in our changing world. I put emphasis on interactive education, and I encourage the students to feel free to ask questions and tell about their opinions.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • Struggling with paradoxical in Contemporary Shanghai: Motivations, Challenges and Strategies of unmarried young women
  • The Multiple Roles of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception in the Lives of Filipino Migrants in the Catholic Diocese of Kyoto
  • Nationalism in Contemporary Japan
  • Political Communication in Health Care Policy between the United States and Japan
  • The International Students Perception of the Career Path after Graduation from English-based Program such as Global 30 Plan
  • Mixed Roots Japanese Negotiating their Inherited Multiple Citizenship with the Japanese Nationality Law
  • Influence of the US Immigration Policy Changes on New Chinese Immigrants – During the Bush, Obama, and Trump Administrations
  • Mismatching Perspectives and Goals of Japanese Immigration Policy Initiatives and Vietnamese High Skilled Foreign Talent
  • China’s Cultural Diplomacy: Seen through Case Studies of Confucius Institute and Belt and Road Initiative
  • Social Attitudes Towards the Chinese Phrase Shèngnü 剩女  “Leftover Woman” in Contemporary Chinese Society
  • Divorce Consciousness in Contemporary China 
  • The Stress Condition of Chinese Students in Contemporary Japan
  • Perceptions of Patriarchal Gender Norms in Contemporary Shanghai: Motivations, Challenges and Strategies of Female Participants in Urban Nightlife
  • Women’s Perceptions of Cohabitation in the Context of China’s Compressed Involution: Taking the Shanghai Metropolitan Area as a Case Study
  • A Study of Chinese Perceptions of the Pseudo-Chinese Language in the Context of Sino–Japanese Communication, Cultural, and Diplomatic Relations 
  •  People’s Perceptions and Ideas on the Phenomenon of “Housewifization” in Contemporary China 
  • A Sociological Study of Sino-Japanese Marriages: The Adaptation of Chinese Wives in Contemporary Japan 


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