AMEKAWA, Yuichiro

Programs and Languages

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Development Studies, Environmental Studies, Social development, sociology of agriculture/environmental sociology, Area studies (Southeast Asia, especially Thailand)

Research Topic

I have done research on the role of organic farming, integrated farming, agroforestry, and certification standard called GAP (good agricultural practices), or collectively called ‘sustainable agriculture,’ for farm management and livelihoods of small-scale farmers and environmental protection in Southeast Asia (especially Thailand). In the future, I would also like to do research on issues related to water resource use in rural Southeast Asia, by crisscrossing the viewpoints of policy makers and ordinary people involved.

To study the ‘sustainability of agriculture’ is to examine the sustainability of the livelihood of individual farmers you meet in the field and of the local environment surrounding them. You can therefore enjoy the real pleasure of directly linking experiences with knowledge. Meanwhile, agriculture is an anthropogenic act significantly involved with the emission of greenhouse gases. As also seen in the case of afforestation activities as typhoon countermeasures through agroforestry, agriculture relates to global issues such as global warming and climate change. Hence, studying the sustainability of agriculture could be an excellent theme in thinking multidirectionally about our future of ‘sustainable development.’

Message for Applicants

Issues of international development and environment are open to broad curiosity and individual issue areas are complicatedly intertwined, hence it is key to be motivated to try to grasp a society in whole. Please consciously pursue an interdisciplinary approach that is rid of a ‘specialty mindedness.’

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • Analyzing Institutional Factors for Water Sector Mal-performance: A Case Study of the Naryn-Syrdarya River Basin, Kyrgyz Republic
  • 台湾における脱原発・再生可能エネルギー政策に関する市民意識
  • A study on citizen participation in garbage sorting in Shanghai: Learning from experiences in Japan
  •  Factors enabling meaningful community participation in irrigation development projects in Bhutan
  •  Reviving the ‘Lost Jewel’: Analysis of the Potential of Sorghum in East Flores Regency, Indonesia as an Alternative Crop for Food Security under Changing Climate 
  •  Substituting Fuelwood with Alternative Energy Sources for Cooking for Low-income Households in Northwestern and Lusaka Province, Zambia