CHEUNG, Yukman

Programs and Languages

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Cultural-Historical Sociology, Nationalism, Urban Sociology, Japanese Studies, Japanese subcultures (anime), Hong Kong Studies

Research Topic

My research takes a cultural/historical sociological approach to examine the modern formation of Japan, as a nation, and Hong Kong, as a cosmopolitan city, seeing how Western modernity is perceived and transformed in the East Asian context. I am interested in the history of nation building, as seen from Japanese railway history, anime (Japanese animation) and the cultural economy of Japanese subcultures. My current research interest also includes cosmopolitanism and urban sociology, business history, contemporary culture and its history. My aim is to delineate the institutionalization process of "modernity" and "ordinary people" as seen from literature and art, economy, and politics in Japan, Hong Kong and East Asia. Theoretically, I focus on sociological new-institutionalism and the "World Society" thesis, particularly the formation and the changes of institutions ("ways of thinking and acting").

Message for Applicants

One should pick a theme by their own, get deeply involved into it, and deconstruct and reincarnate the topic. This should be a challenge to one's own self, which requires an intellectual thirst to others' wisdom. The most important quality is not to forget to ask fundamental questions concerning society and culture.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • 自我の制度化がもたらす「内的闘争」:日本の摂食障害者の心とその語りに関する考察
  •   日本トレーディングカードゲームの経営戦略:遊☆戯☆王オフィシャルカードゲームを例として 
  • Anime Pilgrimage: Exploring Transformative Experiences, Socio-Economic Dynamics, and the Negotiation of Authenticity
  • 「仮面ライダー」シリーズの設定、表現形式から読み取る文化社会的構造「正義」の定義についての解読