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International development cooperation theory, Conflict and peace studies, Regional studies (Southeast Asia, ASEAN)

Research Topic

Contemporary issues of conflict and peace are closely linked with development. While development could contribute to conflict resolution, it could also intensify and prolong conflicts. Recognizing this, I am conducting case analysis along with theoretical research on the relationship between conflict/peace and development. The area of case analysis is mainly Southeast Asia, and recently Mindanao has been the subject of research.

Having been involved in humanitarian and development assistance for a long time, I have enjoyed the synergistic effect of research and practice. For example, I stop and theoretically organize what I have practiced in the field. On the contrary, I try to put the theory into practice (although sometimes there are discoveries that theories can’t be of use). In this way, when the field and office are well connected, research becomes a lot more interesting.

Message for Applicants

I welcome those who would like to learn deeply about the issues of international development cooperation through theory and case analysis, and those who would like to engage in development cooperation with international organizations, Official Development Assistance (ODA) and NGOs in the future.


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