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Development Economics, Poverty and Inequality, Sustainable Development, International Cooperation

Research Topic

My current research focuses on understanding why poverty persists, the role of international cooperation in global poverty reduction, and the measurement of poverty and inequality.

Message for Applicants

When I was a Ph.D. student, my only focus was to get my papers published in academic journals. During the ten years I worked at the World Bank, I realized the significant gap between good research outputs and useful policy inputs. Policymakers in developing countries are making critical decisions that affect the lives of the citizens, often in the absence of any relevant research or data.

Looking back on my own research work, I learned that simplicity was essential – those that adopted the most straightforward methodology tend to have more citations and receive positive feedback. The clarity in thinking to explain complex ideas in simple language is extremely valuable to maximize your contribution to the world as an academic scholar. I very much look forward to working with students who are intellectually curious and passionate about poverty reduction and international development.