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Religion and International Relations, Islamic Thought, Turkish Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Multiculturalism

Research Topic

My research interests center around religious studies in general and Islamic thoughts in particular. Prior to my appointment here, I have conducted research on the relationship between Islamic thoughts and everyday life of Muslims in Turkey and abroad, utilizing the methods of area studies and Islamic sciences. I have also been interested in the re-emergence of religion in the global context, especially the global activities of faith-based civil society movements.

Keyword: Islam, Islamic Thoughts, the Middle East, Turkey, Religion and International Relations, Religion and Globalization, Muslim Migrants and Diasporas Studies in the West

Message for Applicants

According to a future projection of the world economy, published by the OECD in 2014, the global epicenter of economic growth in the next 50 years will continue to shift towards the emerging countries, most of which are included in the Islamic World. Another survey conducted by PEW Research Center in 2019, suggests that people who live in the emerging countries tend to favor more than oppose for an increased role for religion, and consider religion as a prominent part of their lives. Based on the above, it can be said that, in the near future, there will be more religious people taking active roles in international society.

In my seminar and lectures, in order to adopt to such international society, along with acquiring basic literacy related to the role of religion in the global society, special attention is given to how to master some skills that will be required in the future, such as the skills of cross-cultural understanding, global communication, and building trustful relationships.