【受賞情報】2023年度情報理工学研究科 優秀研究賞・研究奨励賞の受賞者発表!

2023年度情報理工学研究科 優秀研究賞・研究奨励賞の受賞者を発表いたします。






2回生    永瀬 亮太郎 Speech Emotion Recognition by Estimating Emotional Label Sequences with Phoneme Class Attribute
3回生 岡本 悠希 Environmental sound synthesis from vocal imitations and sound event labels
3回生 吉田 航輝 Physical Noninvasive Attacks on Photoplethysmogram by Computer Controlled Blood Pressure Cuff

2回生    NGUYEN Ngoc Cuc Phuong Distinct Motion-Preserving Graph Convolutional Network for Two-Person Interaction Recognition
2回生 TAVEEKITWORACHAI  Pittawat ChatGPT4PCG Competition: Character-like Level Generation for Science Birds
2回生 藤居 優奈 Sentiment Analysis of User Reviews Transition in Multimedia Franchise
2回生 原田 和音 Towards Efficient Program Repair with APR Tools Based on Genetic Algorithms
2回生 猪熊 洸希 Input Interface with Touch and Non-touch Interactions using Atmospheric Pressure for Hearable Devices



1回生    NGUYEN Tri Tung Nguyen Latency Improvement Strategy for Temporally Stable Sequential 3DMM-Based Face Expression Tracking
1回生 CHAI Shurong Adaptive Graph Convolutional Networks for Medical Image Segmentation
1回生 TENG Shiyu An Intra- and Inter-Emotion Transformer-Based Fusion Model with Homogeneous and Diverse Constraints Using Multi-Emotional Audiovisual Features for Depression Detection
2回生 BUI Bach Thuan        Fast and Lightweight Scene Regressor for Camera Relocalization
2回生 CLARINO David Lawrence Bantug Optimizing LUT-based Quantum Circuit Synthesis using Relative Phase Boolean Operations
2回生 SHI Xiaoyu Multi-task Model for Glioma Segmentation and Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Status Prediction Using Global and Local Features
2回生 長谷川 翔一 Integrating probabilistic logic and multimodal spatial concepts for efficient robotic object search in home environments
3回生 LI Xiaoxu Analyzing Audience Comments: Improving Interactive Narrative with ChatGPT


1回生    長谷川 稜介 Minecraft Video Aesthetics Quality Assessment Model
2回生 NIMPATTANAVONG  Chollakorn Achieving Fairness in DareFightingICE Agents Evaluation Through a Delay Mechanism
2回生 木村 悠生 On Collecting Onion Server Fingerprints and Identification of Their Operators
2回生 下西 莞太 Universal Sound Separation Using Replay-based Data Sampling in Incremental Learning
2回生 田邉 准 Adaptive Background Music According to the Player’s Arousal for DareFightingICE
2回生 尾崎 玄拓 Effective human–object interaction recognition for edge devices in intelligent space