Course Registration

In Course Registration, students are required to register for courses they want to take (or need to take) during the specified period.
For a list of the courses to register for, please refer to your college’s “Academic Handbook,” “Registration Guidebook” and “Time Schedule/Syllabus.” Carefully read the course outline, teaching method, and student attainment objectives of courses stated in the Online Syllabus before attending the class.
There is a maximum number of credits that students can register for. Please check the maximum number of credits in the Academic Handbook for your college.
Students cannot attend classes, receive grades or earn credits for courses they have not registered. Once they have passed a course, they cannot cancel it or register for it again regardless of the grade that they attained for it.

Academic Handbook・Registration Guidebook・Time Schedule
Purchase of Textbooks


The syllabus includes "Course Outline and Methods", "Student Attainment Objectives", "Grade Evaluation Method" etc. for each individual course.Please read the Syllabus of each class carefully before registering courses.

You can Search for a syllabus by using the "Syllabus Search" in the "manaba+R My Page (the page after login)".
Please check the manual for how to search the syllabus on manaba+R.

Academic Handbook, Registration Guidebook, Time Schedule

Regarding the information on Academic Handbook, Registration Guidebook, and Time Schedule, please access manaba+R and check the "College/Graduate School of ●● students page" in the course menu.

Purchase of Textbooks

Textbooks are sold at the Ritsumeikan Co-op Book Store.

Sales Period

・Spring Semester:From the beginning of the Orientation for New Students to mid-April

・Fall Semester:From the start of the semester to mid-October

Sales Venue

Co-op Book Store on each campus or a special venue for textbook sales

For details, please check the following Co-op website.
The latest information on sales venue, opening hours, purchase method, textbook search will be posted. Please check it out.


Every year, there are many returns and exchanges due to purchase errors.
Returned or exchanged due to wrong purchase is not possible. Please check carefully before purchasing.

For inquiries
Kinugasa Campus: Book Center, located on the basement at Zonshinkan
BKC: Link Shop
OIC:OIC shop