What is a TA, ES, and Orientation Coordinator?

Undergraduate Schools

ES (Education Supporter)

ES (Education Supporter) refers to undergraduate students who support instructors and other students in class.They play a role to create more effective learning effects by supporting both instructors and students such as by responding to questions from students or helping with the creation of teaching materials so that classes go smoothly.

If you would like to work as an ES, please read the following documents beforehand.

ES Guidelines
ES Application Guidelines
Work Regulations for Hourly Non-Teaching Staff
Regulations Concerning Salaries of Hourly Non₋Teaching Staff

Once your employment as an ES is confirmed, you will be automatically registered in the "ES Work Support (for ES)" course in manaba+R. In this course, you will receive information on ES training, how to submit work reports, and other information important to ES operations, so please be sure to check this course regularly.

Orientation Coordinator

Orientation Coordinator refers to a group composed of second year students or higher, providing support in various aspects so that new students’ concerns about college life will be eliminated.
*For the College of Policy Science, the Student Council and the Student Affairs Committee take on this role instead.

For inquiries
Kinugasa: Administrative office of each college
BKC: Administrative office of each college
OIC: Manabi Station (Building A 1F AC Administrative office)

Graduate Schools

TA (Teaching Assistant)

TA is a graduate student who assists in the classes and educational activities at Ritsumeikan University.

The TA System aims to encourage graduate students to contribute to the educational improvement of Ritsumeikan University by offering educational assistance and support together with faculties. Also, we expect that graduate students have the opportunity to enhance their academic abilities through this experience and utilize the experience when creating their own career paths. In fact, the results of surveys conducted at classes show that communicating with TAs within classes help students to have better understanding of the class subjects. These results prove that the TAs are taking an important role in education and learning at our university.

The salary of the TA is \3,000 per class period (a class is 90 min.). This salary also includes duties directly before/after the class period (30 min.).

Recruitment of TAs are conducted at each college, graduate school or academic affairs department which employs TAs. For details (application method, procedures, subjects available etc.), please check bulletin boards or website of each office.

For other information and more detailed information on TA, please see the website below.

Teaching Assistant(Japanese text only)

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The Office of Graduate Studies