Graduate Student Career Path Support Programs

In order to achieve your career goal, pursuing your study on your specialized field at your graduate school and utilizing those knowledge and skills you have obtained through the research process into various fields are important. These programs aim students to improve “research ability/ teaching ability and specialized skills,” “improve the ability to develop a career path,” and “the ability to solve the social issues.” Programs to acquire practical skills such as English writing and presentations skills, and seminars to acquire basic skills required for creating a career path such as method of designing the class or project management skills are offered. Also, seminars to have further understanding of current situations on developing a career path are offered. Graduate students can choose the program they need and join the program for free of charge.


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Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

For those who want to become a research fellow

Many of those who have been selected for special research fellowships have taken up full-time research positions, and it is said to be a gateway to success for young researchers. We provide support for graduate students who are aiming for academic careers to get adopted so that they can acquire such careers.

*This information will be updated to the latest information in late March to early April every year.

(1)Application schedule, and outlines of the program for research fellow  (only available in Japanese)

(2)Issuance of IDs required to apply for research fellow  (only available in Japanese)

(3)Distribution of information via video

Video archive for application and writing guidance

After the guidance, the URL for viewing the recorded video will be posted.

(Scheduled for mid-April)



Office of Graduate Studies (Kinugasa)