Scholarships/Grant Systems for Graduate Students

At Ritsumeikan University, there are scholarships/grant systems offered by the university, and also there are scholarships/grant systems sponsored by organizations outside of the university, such as government organizations and private foundations. Each scholarship/grant might have other additional eligibility requirements besides the application eligibility described. Or there may be scholarships/grants which do not allow the recipients to receive other scholarships/grants during its qualification period. Please make sure to contact the relevant office, or read through the Application Guidelines and get application details before you apply.

Some government organizations and private foundations require applicants to apply for the scholarships/grant systems they offer through Ritsumeikan University. There are also many other organizations and private foundations that require applicants to apply directly to them. In the latter case, please contact the relevant organization or foundation or the board of education for inquires.

For details, please see the URL listed below.

For inquiries
The contact point differs depending on the program or type.Please check where to contact using the above website.
Please check where to contact using the above website.