Disaster Prevention/Safety Confirmation

Disaster Prevention

Please check the URL listed below for information on the safety and security initiatives in education and research at Ritsumeikan University.
*Disaster prevention information is listed in the Action Manual for When a Disaster Occurs, and other such documents.


Damage Report and Safety Confirmation in Case of a Disaster

If you suffer human casualty or property damage because of a natural disaster such as a typhoon, earthquake, or heavy rain, please report the following information to the University using the e-mail address below.

1.Student ID No.
3.Damages sustained by the student
4.Damages sustained by the student’s family
5.Damages sustained at the student’s permanent (home) address

【E-mail Address】

Notwithstanding the above, the University will also send a safety confirmation e-mail to all students via Ritsumeikan’s e-mail system to confirm the safety of students in case of a large-scale disaster. If you receive a safety confirmation e-mail, please access the URL included in the e-mail and answer the questions.

Students are encouraged to auto-forward their Ritsumeikan e-mail system account emails to their mobile phone email address after being admitted to the university. For instructions on configuring the forwarding of messages, please refer to the operation manual for Microsoft365 posted on the University web site.