Student Identification Number


A student identification number is assigned upon enrollment. The number remains unchanged during enrollment.


Structure of Student ID Number (11 digits)


 Each code indicates:

            ○○: College,

            ●●: Department/major/course,

           △△:  (*)Application year,

           □□□□: Individual number,

          ■: Security code

* Student ID numbers may change if a student transfers to another major or is readmitted.

(*) The “application year” indicates which year’s curriculum applies to the student. 
Usually, the “application year” is the same as the “entrance year.”
However, in the case of advanced transfer admission, transfer admission, or readmission,
the “application year” will generally be different from the “entrance year.
 There may be some cases in which the “application year” remains the same as the “entrance year”
when a student is readmitted.