Study Abroad

 (1) Study abroad programs

Students will be permitted to participate in a study abroad program offered by RU provided that the faculty council of their college approved that the student’s participation is considered to be beneficial for their education.

If a student finds a study abroad program on their own, the program may be recognized as study abroad provided that the student’s college has given its approval after considering whether participation would be beneficial for the student’s education and upon agreement with the host institution (independent study abroad). Students must consult with the administrative office of their college (OIC: Manabi Station) in advance.

 (2) Period of study abroad

The period of study abroad is counted as part of the total period of university enrollment. The academic calendar as determined by the host institution abroad may not match up with the academic calendar at RU; however, the start date of study abroad shall be considered to be the first day of the RU semester that the study abroad is approved for and the end date of the study abroad shall be the last day of the RU semester.


Procedures Relating to Study Abroad

(1) Completing the application form

Students who wish to study abroad must submit a Study Abroad form (留学願), jointly signed by their guarantor, to the administrative office of their college (OIC: Manabi Station). Students also should consult with the International Center or the administrative office of their college (OIC: Manabi Station) beforehand regarding a plan for taking courses after completion of studying abroad (e.g., handling of credits acquired at the host institution abroad, course registration after returning to Japan, etc.).

 (2) Ritsumeikan University fees while on study abroad

For university agreement-based programs, the arrangement regarding Ritsumeikan University fees varies by program. For details, check the study abroad handbook available at the International Center. If a student goes on an independent study abroad program (not through Ritsumeikan University), the student must pay university fees to RU and also pay program fees to the host university by themselves.

(3) Procedures for completion of study abroad

Students must promptly submit a “Notification of Completion of Study Abroad” (designated form) (留学終了届) after returning to Japan. If students wish to have credits earned on a study abroad program recognized, they must submit a “Request for Approval to Transfer Credits and Documents Certifying Credits Earned Including Study Period and Grades” (単位認定願および単位認定書) and other required documents to the administrative office of the college (OIC: Manabi Station).

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