Learn Foreign Languages through Extracurricular Courses (CLA)

Let's use CLA courses to become a person who can compete with language skills‼‼

*Online courses that can be taken easily from anywhere!
*You can raise your motivation by learning with friends who have same purpose and goal and by having the careful guidance of the well-experienced instructors!
*Competitive tuition fees offered only for CLA courses


●  TOEIC® L & R test preparation course(Aim for an average score increase of 80 points or more)
● TOEFL® test preparation course (Learn English with the aim of studying abroad)
●  IELTS test preparation course(Learn English with the aim of studying abroad)

Please visit our website for more details.


As for learning the first language, there are always plans in place. Please check the following website and make use of it.

The Communication Room (CR) at Beyond Borders Plaza (BBP) offers free conversation study.

■The website of Center for Language Acquisition (CLA)

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Center for Language Acquisition(CLA)
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BKC: Central Arc 2F
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