Group English Tests (Institutional Program)

Ritsumeikan University conducts TOEIC® L&R Test (IP) and TOEFL® ITP Test as group examinations several times a year on campus to measure the level of achievement in curricular classes, and also for self-assessment of proactive foreign language learning.

Please utilize this opportunity to check your level of English or to prepare for the future, such as for studying abroad, advancement to a graduate school, or job-seeking activities.

Please check the Group English Test website for details.

*The Group examination is usually conducted in a group format using classrooms on campus, however it may be conducted online if infectious diseases or other factors make it difficult to conduct the group examination.

*For more information on the implementation format and schedule, please check the Language Education Center website before applying for the test.

The website of Group English Test

*Some faculties require their students to take these exams, and some also have a subsidy system for test fees.

Please check the details prior to applying for the test.


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Language Education Center

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BKC: Central Arc 2F

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