Study Abroad Program [Programs Available to All the Undergraduate Students]

For study abroad programs offered to students of all colleges, please refer to the Study Abroad Program website.

The Study Abroad Program website provides a variety of information on study abroad, such as details of each program,

application guidelines, scholarship information, study abroad stories, and the latest information related to study abroad,

etc. Please make use of it.

Study Abroad Program website

<Contact Information for inquiries on studying abroad in general>

International Center

Kinugasa: Meigakukan Hall 1F 

BKC: Central Arc 2F 

OIC: Building A 1F AN Administrative Office 

International Center offers online counseling (request form or Zoom) for study abroad.

Please see below for details.

Study Abroad Program website, page of 海外留学相談 (Counseling for Study Abroad)

Home > 情報収集 (Collecting Information> 海外留学相談 (Counseling for Study Abroad) (only available in Japanese)

<Beyond Borders PlazaBBP>

The Beyond Borders Plaza (BBP) is a Global Commons where students can gather and study together freely, and without any limitations due to country, culture, language and various other borders.

Anyone who is studying in Ritsumeikan can use this facility.

BBP will be organizing events and making active efforts to encourage International Intercommunion, Language Learning and Preparation for studying abroad.

For further information, please visit our website.

Kinugasa: Beyond Borders Plaza 1F2F

BKC: Central Arc 2F

OIC: Beyond Borders PlazaBuilding A, 1F AN office