Amagase Lab. (English)

Research Topic


Exploring methods for the pathological analysis, prevention, and treatment of various gastrointestinal diseases

The gastrointestinal tract is divided into the upper gastrointestinal tract composed of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum, and the lower gastrointestinal tract composed of the small and large intestines. The pathogenetic factors for diseases in each tract are wide and varied. Although progress has been made in elucidating many of these pathologies, there is a noticeable impact of the aging of society and changes in environment and dietary habits on the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to the expected effects of widely-used treatments for various diseases, damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa is one side-effect that is regarded as problematic. In this laboratory, we are conducting research aimed at proposing safe and appropriate drug therapies by using pharmacological, biochemical, and molecular biological techniques to establish animal models for understanding pathologies and explore the factors involved therein, all in an effort to elucidate the pathogenesis of gastrointestinal injuries (from the esophagus to the large intestine) caused by various clinical drugs (e.g., anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-thrombotic drugs, and anti-cancer drugs). Furthermore, to shed light on the heretofore unknown pathologies of refractory gastrointestinal disorders and functional dyspepsia, we are also exploring the possibility of drug repositioning—that is, identifying new pharmacological effects of approved drugs whose safety and in vivo disposition have been sufficiently demonstrated for humans—to treat gastrointestinal diseases.



   Kikuko AMAGASE (PhD)

Research Fellow




Graduate student   Undergraduate student
 PhD Course 4th year(Pharmacy)    6th year (Pharmacy)
 Shizuka JONAN    Yuu ADACHI
     Takumi ITAKA
 PhD Course 1st year(Pharmacy)    Anna TANAKA
 Yuuki OTSUKA    Ayano HOSHINA
 Master Course 2nd year(Pharmaceutical Science)    5th year (Pharmacy)
 Ayana FUJIWARA    Saori FUKE
     Satoshi YAGUCHI
 Master Course 1st year(Pharmaceutical Science)    
 Issei IKEDA    4th year (Pharmacy)
 Mai HANEDA    Karin SHIMA
     Chihiro SHIN
     Kirika NISHINAKA
     Yujiro FUJINO
     Konoka MATSUBARA
     4th year (Pharmaceuctial Science)
     Chisato OOKI
     Syouma KITANISHI
     Taito SHINCHI
     Kanako NISHIIRI
     Mizuki FUKUHARA
     3rd year (Pharmacy)
     Shota OYAMA
     Chihiro KUBOTA
     Ayaka SAKAMOTO
     Sumika HORII
     3rd year (Pharmaceuctial Science)
     Haruka KAWASHIRI
     Honoka MASUDA
     Tomoha MORIKUBO


 March, 2023    March, 2022    March, 2021    March, 2020
 [Master of Pharmaceutical Science]    [Master of Pharmaceutical Science]    [Bachelor]    [Bachelor]
  Hikaru OTSUKI     Daisuke KATO     Hikaru OTSUKI     Daisuke KATO
  Reiichiro SASAKI     Yuuya MASUDA     Reiichiro SASAKI     Yuuya MASUDA
 [Bachelor]    [Bachelor]        
  Naoka UNO     Kouya KIKUYAMA        
  Yuuki OTSUKA     Hina KIJIMA        
  Miyoko TAKAHASHI     Mayu NOMURA        
  Rikako NAKAI     Hikaru OTA        
  Miyu YAMAMOTO     Ryo SUGAHARA        
  Issei IKEDA     Haruto FUKATSU        
  Taisei TSUJII     Ayana FUJIWARA        
  Mai HANEDA            

Lab Enrollments


 Nahla Hamouda, MD. PhD. Egypt 2019.4〜2021.3 (Research fellow)
 Nikoo Hasemi Canada 2022.9.19〜2022.10.21
 Tahani Dakkak Canada 2022.10.24〜2022.11.25
 Denise Choy Canada 2022.11.28~ 2023.1.13
 Mikhail Krivykh Canada 2023.1.16~ 2023.2.10