2019 KOKUSAITEKI Research Fund Report

The Poster Session, which was scheduled on Sunday, June 21, was cancelled
due to the spread of COVID-19.
We post the submitted posters instead of this Poster Session.
Only the posters written in English are posted in this page.
Please take a look at each research report.

Posters written in Japanese can be checked in the below site.

The number of each recipient in 2019 is as below.
   KOKUSAITEKI Research Fund: 38
   KOKUNAI Research Fund: 1
   KENKYUKAI-KATSUDO Grant: 27 groups
   Internship Scholarship: 2

◆ KOKUSAITEKI Research Fund (Posters written in English only)

Strengthening Japan’s Cultural Presence in Europe: The Japan Foundation and Public-Private Partnerships


Medical Profession and the Politics of Health in Contemporary Indonesia

Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing Countries.Case Study:Indonesia, Sukabumi Regency

Factors Determine the Lack of Complance of Ready-Made Garments(RMG) Sector of Bangladesh

Empirical Study of Purchase Intention and Decision of E-Commerce Consumers in Indonesia Based on Island of Rresidence and Monthly Household Income

Housing Relocation in Tangerang City : Why people move and were thet satisfied afterward? 

An Investigation of the Morphology and Effect of American Community Gardens

Dynamic Facial Features Associated with Positive Emotional Voice Stimuli for Detection of 
Depressive Symptoms

International Student Support Organizations in Australia: Approaches and Issues of Concern

Indonesian Migrant Workers in Japan: Internship Trainees (Gaikokujin Kenshusei Seido) Program,Recruitment Process and Personal Dreams

Exploring the Level of Locational Affordability In Rawalpindi - Islamabad based on Household
 Survey and Spatial Planning

A Study on Determinant of Competitiveness Post-mining City as a Tourist Destination

Understanding the Impact of GIS-based Disaster Information Systems n Indonesiai