【Online】“Improving Your Oral Presentation Skills”

Sponsored by Hokkaido University
“Improving Your Oral Presentation Skills”

To graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty and staff

We will share the event guide from Hokkaido University.

Please be informed that I-HoP will organize an online seminar. This transferable skills seminar is targeted for researchers (DC, PD & MC). Seminar will be conducted in English. For non-native English speakers, presentations in English may make you nervous. This seminar is to help those who would like to have more confidence for the presentation. Let's learn how to prepare and practice for it. We are planning to have 1.5h lecture and 30 minutes "Q&A" session. In addition to questions about the content of the lecture, if you have any questions or concerns about English presentations, please feel free to talk to the lecturer!


1) Essential Information

-Outline of the seminar

-Importance of oral presentation skills for scientists -The “keys” to an effective presentation: Content & Delivery

2) Content of an Oral Presentation

-Differences between written and spoken English -Creating effective slides -Deciding what text to include on your slides

3) Delivery of an Oral Presentation

-Appropriate appearance

-Using natural gestures for effective emphasis -Speaking with clarity -Using natural intonation and rhythm

4) Practicing Effectively

-Identifying areas to improve

-Practice methods for improving your presentation -Available resources

5) Handling the Q & A Session

-Understanding your audience

-Anticipating possible questions

-Responding to difficult questions

6) Conclusion

-Review of the topics covered medicine

Q&A With the Audience (30minutes)

Improving Your Oral Presentation Skills (3/9)


Mr. Greg Adams / Managing Editor FORTE Science Communications : Experts in Academic Papers


3/9 (Tue.) 13:30-15:30 Online (Zoom video webinar)


DC, PD & MC and postdocs






No restrictions

How to apply

Please fill out the following application form and apply to Office of Graduate Studies Ritsumeikan University(BKC).deadline 2/22(Mon)13:00

Contact information

Office of Graduate Studies Ritsumeikan University(BKC)

TEL: 077-561-4941