International Politics, Disarmament and Arms Control, Global Governance, Civil Society

Research Topic

I specialize in theories of International Politics. Applying these theories to cases in the field of international security, I am examining the factors that can promote international cooperation. The role of non-state actors in IR is also of my research interest. In addition, I have been working on the international relations in Asia-Pacific, such as East Asia, US-Japan, and Canada-Japan relationships.

Message for Applicants

If you are interested in theories of International Politics and /or International Relations of Asia-Pacific, this is one of the advanced seminars where you can pursue your research interest.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • 気候変動レジームに関する理論的考察
  • 安全保障共同体としてのECOWAS
  • 欧州安全保障協力会議研究への新しいアプローチ
  • Analysis of the Norm Contestation in the International Drug Control Regime A Case of Marijuana Control Policy
  • Analysis of dominant legalistic discourse in the transitional justice industy: A case study of the Special Court for Sierra Leone and Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  • CYBERSPACE AND CYBERSECURITY POLICY A Comparative Study of Japan and the United States
  • Relationships and Revisionism: Challenges for the Asia-Pacific Region
  • Unyielding Ideals vs The Practicality of the State: Opportunities and Threats to the Opposition Against the Asian Women's Fund and the 2015 Comfort Women Deal
  • 平和構築のための教育 -緊急教育支援の動向と課題-
  • POLICY CHANGE AND CURRENCY INTERNATIONALIZATION ~An analysis of the Chinese currency policy changing process leading to the inclusion of RMB into the SDR basket in 2016~
  • V-22(オスプレイ)の配備をめぐる中央政府と地方政府の相互作用-佐賀県の事例-
  • 韓国における「慰安婦」運動の政治分析

Advised Doctoral Dissertations

  • 「非核兵器国の安全保証」の論理-秩序/無秩序、平等/不平等-