International Journalism, African Area Studies

Research Topic

My research interest is in area of the way of international news coverage and how to discuss different cultures based on the experience as a newspaper correspondent. My current study interest also includes security issues such as armed conflicts and terrorism in the African region and focusing on analysis of business trends there.I will also concentrate on educating the basics of news coverage and investigate for students who wish to work as journalists in the future.

We deal with the international news that the media reports on the premise of "covering the reality of the world". But is the media really reporting the 'real image' of various events happening all around the world accurately? Also, does the figure of the world that we recognize based on the information gained by the media really reflect the reality? When we examine the way of making news and how we perceive about the world, we notice the importance of knowledge and ability to understand the background of the news.

Message for Applicants

I think that what you need to keep excellent achievements is common in whatever field you are majoring in academic disciplines. Firstly, there must be uniqueness and innovation in the research theme. Secondly, studying prior research on the selected theme. Thirdly, it is clearly distinguished and discussed between subjective reasoning and objective facts. Fourth, the argument is logical. Fifthly having high level writing ability. Sixth, the conclusion is clear. Seventhly, to be honest about what you do not know, to have the courage to say "I do not know." I think that the place to extend these abilities is graduate school.