The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 645

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement

Hideki Endo: New Area Studies in a Global Age
Masato Ikuta: Developments in Economic Geography and D. Harvey’s Concept of Space: Towards Understanding the Spatiality of Continental Southeast Asia
Masahiro Kato: The Geographical Base of the “Entertainment District” in Postwar Kyoto: The Transformation of the Kagai
Ken’ichi Fujimura: Some Problems about Characters of Buddhist Temples Charging Admission Fee on Visitors in Kyoto and their Historical Background
Tomoki Nakaya: A Note on Radiation-type Spatial Interaction Model: Comparison with Constrained Gravity Models Using Japanese Flow Datasets
Shinji Koga: A Memorandum on the Results and Tasks of Urban Spatial Structure Studies in Japan
Kohei Matsunaga: The Endurance of Australian Wheat Production against Frequent Drought Caused by Climate Change: A Study of the Murray Mallee Region, South Australia (1982–1988)
Norihumi Kawahara: A Historical-Geographic Consideration of Saltery Herring Production in the Canadian West Coast in the Early 20th Century: The Korenaga and Kasho Families
Masami Fujimaki: Transformation of “Tourismscape” in George Town of UNESCO World Heritage City, Malaysia: Contestation over Tourismification of the Historical Heritage Site
Manabu Takahashi: The Age of Nobunaga from the Perspective of Environmental History: The Battle of Okehazama
Akihiro Tsukamoto: Changes to the Industrial Structure of Kyoto, Japan in the Early Modern Period: Constructiing a GIS Database of Topographic Documents and Guides
Ken’ichi Honda: About Shijo Otabisho in the Gion Matsuri Festival
Kazuhito Kawashima: An Historical Geography of Universities in Kyoto: Some Notes on the Land-Use Change Around Kyoto Imperial Palace
Naomi Akashi & Tatsunori Kawasumi: Waterfront Change and Tourism Development Around Otsu City in the Modern Period
Keiji Yano: Management of Geo-spatial Data of Modern-era Kyoto for Historical GIS