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Our Facilities

Location:Beyond Borders Plaza

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    Counter Talk Area BBP利用はまずCounter Talkからはじめましょう。利用方法をBBPマネジメントスタッフに気軽にお尋ねください。
    Your first chance for communication at the BBP is Counter Talk. Please talk with the BBP Management Staff about effective ways to use the BBP.

  • 02

    BBP Support Desk BBPサポートデスクでは、BBPファシリテーターの教員が英語学習についての質問やライティングの相談、海外留学の相談などに答えます。(利用するには予約が必要です。詳しくはコチラ
    The BBP Facilitators at the BBP Support Desks are there to help you with questions you may have about general English studies, English writing, or study abroad. (Please note that you’ll need to make an appointment. Please click here for more details.)

  • 03

    Studying&Reading Area より集中して語学学習を行いたい学生のみなさんはBBP2階も足を運んでみてください。2階は外国語コミュニケーションルームもあり、毎日色々な言語の授業も無料で開催しています。予約不要で誰でも気軽に参加できます!また、言語学習の自学教材も備えています。
    Students interested in more intensive language learning should definitely visit the second floor of the BBP. There is also a foreign language communication room on the 2nd floor, and a variety of free lessons in various languagesare held every day. No reservation is needed and anyone can freely join!

  • 04

    Communication Areas Communication Areasは、Lounge Area、Talk to me tables Area、Culture Areaに分かれています。Bordersを超えて、たくさんの学生が集い、異文化交流や語学学習ができるBBP。1階は、畳やソファのある開放的な空間。外国語実践の場として活用してみてください。声をかけてもらいたい留学生や国内学生の皆さんもぜひ立ち寄ってみてください。

    The Communication Areas consist of Lounge, Talk to me tables, and Culture Areas. The BBP is a place for students to overcome barriers and gather for international exchange and language study. On the first floor, we have tatami and sofa, lending to a feeling of openness. Please use these areas as a place to practice your foreign language skills. Whether foreign student or domestic, please visit and see what communication opportunities await you.
    Here intercultural events and workshops, as well as other events unique to a Global Commons, will be held. If you’d like to hold your own event, please speak to one of the BBP Management Staff.



Our Resources

  • 英語外部試験対策本Exam Preparation Books

    TOEFL®テスト、TOEIC® L&Rテスト、TOEIC®S&Wテスト、IELTSや英検などの試験対策本でハイスコアを目指そう!
    Whether you’re studying for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or Eiken, you can find an exam preparation book to help you to strategize for a higher score.

  • 雑誌・定期刊行物English Periodicals

    Keep up with what is happening in today’s fast moving world with foreign-language newspapers, magazines and journals.

  • 語学教材Language Textbooks

    A variety of textbooks are available for you to brush up on grammar points that you’ve learned and seek out new ones to add to your language skills.

  • 参考図書Reference Books

    In addition to a selection of general reference books, you can also find specialized reference books related to the majors offered on each campus.

  • Graded Readers

    Jumping into English reading has never been easier. Both fiction and non-fiction series are available for all levels of English.

  • マンガmanga

    Manga and graphic novels are a great way to learn conversational language–especially, slang. Plus they’re lots of fun to read and to compare to versions in another language.

  • 旅行本Travel Books

    Travel books allow a glimpse into the lives and histories of peoples around the world. Checking them out in a foreign language is even more exciting.