Features of the Graduate School

Features of the Graduate School

Development of visual directors with a producer mindset


  • Developing the ability to comprehensively and structurally measure as well as to pantoscopically or flexibly considering the ever-ramificating and diversifying visual world, at Ritsumeikan University
  • Developing the ability to respond flexibly in a rapidly changing visual culture with versatile skills, technology, and knowledge at a high level of expertise, with a multifaceted perspective, rather than specializing in a single field and training people to acquire specialized skills within a narrow range
  • Discovering and investigating the issues demanded by society, and then deepening own research, production, and development

5 Subject Zones

Film Arts Zone

In the production of live-action films and CG animations, students learn the visual field to situate their own production intentions from a broad perspective in related fields, as well as the necessary expression techniques, and aim to produce works with outstanding individuality. Students also deepen their theoretical and historical research on film art.

Game Entertainment Zone

The aim is to produce creative entertainment works from an academic and/or artistic point of view by learning and utilizing advanced expertise and skills related to game production. Students will also explore the body of knowledge for play and games in depth.

Creative Technology Zone

A zone for handling engineering and arts based on information and media technology. A zone where contents and technology are considered as a unit, and media expression is created along with new technology development.

Content Business Management Zone

Specialized education is provided mainly on the design and operation methods of business models in industrial fields using images and in related fields. A zone where students learn specialized knowledge about the visual media industry and its business in general, with a view toward contributing to society and making international contributions.

Society and Images Zone

In order to respond to the various issues of modern society, students record tangible and intangible cultural products created by human cultural activities and archive them as image resources, and acquire the attitude, knowledge, and skills to enable the total design of accumulation and utilization of image resources, from broadcasting to documentary video production and utilization in academic fields.


  • Students with a background in visual science can focus on the realization of research activities from an early stage, and students who need to reinforce basic knowledge and education can acquire these matters through intensive opportunities, by arranged introductory and core subjects.
  • The feature is a complex combination of class subjects.
Theme Project Type Class Subjects
  • Finding out the tasks by oneself and putting them into production or research
  • Preparing for master's thesis and production in Project Seminar by arranging class subjects to acquire background knowledge for production and research in image-related fields, such as Introduction to Image Arts and Research & Career Management for Image Arts
Discipline Research Type Class Subjects
  • Acquiring the knowledge, analytical methods, skills, and techniques necessary for research in various fields related to images, through lectures and practical training