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International Politics, Disarmament and Arms Control, Global Governance, Civil Society

Research Topic

I specialize in theories of International Politics. Applying these theories to cases in the field of international security, I am examining the factors that can promote international cooperation. The role of non-state actors in IR is also of my research interest. In addition, I have been working on the international relations in Asia-Pacific, such as East Asia, US-Japan, and Canada-Japan relationships.

Message for Applicants

If you are interested in theories of International Politics and /or International Relations of Asia-Pacific, this is one of the advanced seminars where you can pursue your research interest.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • Pointless Promises or the Asian Alternative? A Comparative Study of Japanese and European Democracy Assistance
  • Resource Backed Loans (RBL) Model and Sustainable Development Path in Zimbabwe-China Relations
  • バイデン政権はなぜTPP への復帰ではなくIPEF を提唱するのか? ―ネオクラシカルリアリズムを用いた分析―
  • The Philippine-Japan Strategic Partnership under Three Philippine Presidencies: Pragmatic Maneuver for Growth amid Intensifying Rivalry between the US and China 
  • 韓国における「慰安婦」運動の政治分析「記憶する」アドボカシーと対立構造 
  • A Constructivist Analysis of Japanese Refugee Policy:
    Exploring the Disparity between Japan’s International Commitments and Domestic Action
  • 国連安全保障理事会決議に対する中国の投票行動の研究
  • Why was PKO Cooperation Law Enacted in 1992:
    An Analysis of Komeito Party’s Role and Struggle in the Policy-Making Process
  • Security over Multiculturalism: an analysis of European attitude towards asylum seekers’ integration with a focus on the Italian case
  • The Impact Of Digital Tools On Public Diplomacy
  • Underlying Political Reasons for China's Climate Policy 
  • Change of Identity- Change of Behavior? An analysis of the influence of state identity on Japanese security policy towards the People´s Republic of China 
  • 米国のイラン核合意離脱は合理的選択か  ―アリソン・モデルからの分析―
  • 〈2015 年 8 月ドイツにおける難民政策の大幅な転換〉―政策の窓モデルによる分析―
  •  なぜドゥテルテ政権は対中宥和政策に転換したのか——合理的行為者モデルによる2016 年の対外政策の分析——
  •  CTBT における発効促進会議の役割 ―北朝鮮核実験への反応を事例に―
  •  Role of Interpersonal Trust in Rivalry Termination:The Case of the India-Pakistan Composite Dialogue Process
  •  Why has the EU adopted CBAM?
  •  中国の新時代愛国主義教育に関する一考察

Advised Doctoral Dissertations

  • 「非核兵器国の安全保証」の論理-秩序/無秩序、平等/不平等-
  • The Theorization of Status as a Means to Power in Global Politics (グローバル政治における権力追求の手段としての地位の理論化)
  • Can Social Capital Be Generated in the Short Term?  A Case Study of the Interaction between Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and International Students in the Kansai Area of Japan (ソーシャルキャピタルは短期的に生成できるか?―関西地域における市民社会組織 (CSO)と留学生との相互作用の分析)