SHIRATO, Keiichi

Programs and Languages

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Journalism Studies (Japan、 African Countries), African Area Studies, Japan-Africa Relations

Research Topic

My research topic are as follows.

1. The relationship between journalism and politics in African countries
2. Impact of new information and communication technologies such as SNS on the societies of African countries
3. Government of Japan's policy toward Africa
4. African security issues

Message for Applicants

I had been working as a newspaper reporter for many years. I lived in South Africa for four years and in Washington D.C. for three years as a correspondent. I also covered Japanese diplomacy in Tokyo. In addition, as a researcher at a private research institute, I had engaged in researching the political and economic situation in African countries. As I have this background, I will focus on teaching practical methods of field research rather than theoretical research on media . I welcome students who want to study Japanese journalism, the relationship between Japan and Africa, and students who want to work as journalists in the future.

Advised Master’s Thesis (Last 5 years)

  • The Disdain-chain within Chinese Lesbian Community 
  • China’s Rising Presence in the Indian Ocean Region  - since entering the Xi Jinping Era -
  • メディア言説から見る中国の日本報道 — 人民日報の抗日戦争勝利記念報道を中心に —
  •  Virtual Ties, Real Communities: netnography of the Vietnamese residents in Japan’s heterolocal enclave