Graduate School Week 2023

During Graduate School Week, the Graduate School of International Relations has prepared events to help answer questions such as, “What are graduate school classes like?” and “What are the possible paths after completion?”
Please feel free to take part in any of the projects in which you have an interest!

Nov. 10 (Fri) 6:00pm-7:30pm

International Career Seminar
Guest: Elizabeth K. Gamarra
Moderator: Professor Kazushige KOBAYASHI
VENUE: Kinugasa Campus, Meigakukan-building MG001 (Face-to-face)

- The G20 Youth Representative of the United States, who has worked around the globe, has been invited to speak about the formation of your career path after completing your master’s program.

- 1. Choosing a career/the steps to take, 2. How to cultivate personal connections, 3. The importance of a graduate school education based on personal experience, and questions from the audience answered in this interactive session.
Anyone interested in working in an international capacity and curious about how to put their graduate school education to use in their future career is welcome.

Nov. 16 (Thu) 2:40pm–4:10pm

Experience Graduate School Education!
Open class “Advanced Seminar” (for master’s students)
Professor Matsuo WATANABE
VENUE: Kinugasa Campus. Ryoyukan-building RY307 (Face-to-face)

- Two current graduate students will be presenting at this seminar.

- Students studying in English-based programs and those considering the English-based master’s program are welcome. 

Please apply by 9:00 a.m. the previous day via the link

Nov. 29 (Wed) 6:30pm–7:30pm

Career Seminar: Presentation from Alumnus “Welcome to GSIR! A Career Path Discussion” (in Japanese)
Guest: Ms. Riho MASHIKO
Venue: Live stream (Zoom)

In this seminar, participants will hear about the undergraduate and graduate school experiences, as well as details about the current work of an alumnus working as a specialist in the field of international cultural exchange.
Those interested in a career in an international field and those curious about how to put their graduate school education to use are welcome.

Please apply prior to the beginning of the live stream via the link

Dec. 8 (Fri) 3:00pm–5:20pm

Experience Graduate School Education!
Open class “Professional Training”
Professor Sachiko ISHIKAWA
Guest Speaker: Mr. Hideki HARA (Managing Director, Department of Japanese Studies, The Japan Foundation)
VENUE: Live stream (Zoom)

Face to face participation is available only to Ritsumeikan students (10 students maximum).
Registration deadline: 9:00 a.m. on Friday, December 1.

- Participants will sit in on an actual lecture as attended by current students in the Graduate School of International Relations.
- The class will include an in-depth talk and analysis of jobs in the field of international affairs and international cooperation, while incorporating discussion with a guest speaker.

- This class is one-way listening only.
- The class date may change depending on the schedule of the guest.

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