Laboratory of Inorganic Catalysis ChemistryDepartment of Applied Chemistry, College of Life Sciences, Ritsumeikan University


Interpretation of Catalysis Reaction for Future Materials Development

We are attempting to elucidate the mechanism at the atomic scale of the inorganic catalysis reactions in solving the current social problems that include cleaning up the environment and supplying more energy of higher efficiency, etc. We are developing advanced techniques which enable catalytic reactions to be observed in real time, in particular a technique for use in analyzing local structures and electronic state t through in-situ observations enabled with high-intensity X-rays. With a direct focus on key intermediate species that play important roles but do not apparently appear in chemical reaction formulas, which however accelerate reactions and dramatically improve conversion efficiency, the attempt is being made for the research to lead to the creation of new catalyst materials using an understanding of the reaction mechanisms that express their functions.

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