第6回国際平和博物会議 The 6th International Conference of Museums for Peace

Peace Museums as Spaces for Creating Peace
uilding “Peace Literacy” for Global Problem-Solving
10月 6日~8日 立命館大学国際平和ミュージアム
10月 9日 京都造形芸術大学
10月10日 広島平和記念資料館
October 6th – 8th Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University
October 9th Kyoto University of Art and Design
October 10th Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

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Regardless of the world’s wish for the 21st century to be “The Century of Hope,” unfortunately the world is still filled with violence. Numerous social obstacles that limit enhancement of human capability still exist including ammunition from nuclear weapons to guns, starvation, poverty, discrimination, oppression of human rights, social inequality, environmental destruction, poor sanitary conditions, and inadequate education. We plan to meet to engage in transborder efforts on a global scale searching for solutions to address these problems.
The world has experienced a tremendous number of wars and violence. To face the past with integrity, to learn lessons from history, and to act on these lessons are extremely important for us. Personal experiences can be easily lost with the passage of time. We need to pass these personal memories from generation to generation and to positively utilize them in peace-building. The peace museum movement is an effective means to achieve this purpose and record the misery of wars and violence. How irreplaceable peace is, as well as the preciousness of life, must be conveyed to the younger generations who will join in building a community in the future.
A peace museum should not limit itself as a place to display the horrible realities of past and present violence. It should also serve as a space to share spirit and wisdom to create a society where people believe in humanity, overcome differences and join together, to imagine and conquer all sorts of violence that inhibits self-realization, exercise their full potential, and move in a lively way towards respective goals. It is important for the museums that engage in our activities for peace to exchange experiences, share wisdom, formulate creative means, encourage each other and employ more effective activities than ever.
The international conference of peace museums has been held in the UK, Austria, Japan, Belgium, and Spain approximately every three years since 1992 and has achieved important results. The third meeting held jointly in Osaka and Kyoto in 1998 was supported and joined by a large group of people and produced a significant result. Ten years after the third conference, the 6th international conference of peace museums will be held again in Kyoto and Hiroshima in October, 2008.
How can peace museums and the network of peace museums contribute to nurture and disseminate ‘peace literacy’ (education for peace-building)? This conference will engage in discussions and presentations to address critical issues that take an interest in humankind’s life-or-death situation such as international conflicts and global environmental problems. We request your active support, cooperation, and participation to deepen our knowledge of the issues and to share our different approaches.
Together, we can make peace museums a source of new ideas, sites to collect new knowledge about peace, and new sites for the creation of peace. Please join us in this great and exciting venture!



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E-mail: 6peace-m@st.ritsumei.ac.jp

Organizing Committee
Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University
Kyoto University of Art and Design
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Tohoku University of Art and Design
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
image Supported by the Commemorative Organization for the Japan World Exposition(’70)