Class Format

Class Format

The following class formats are available for a single class session.

*Since AY2022, classes that incorporate media-based classes as a mode of delivery and are defined as "remote classes that make advanced use of a variety of media" in the Regulations of Colleges are positioned as "remote classes".

*The credits earned through remote classes will be included in the credits required for graduation up to a maximum of 60 credits.

The class format for each course is described in the syllabus. So please be sure to check the syllabus or courses of each class in manaba+R to see how the classes will be conducted.

Classrooms where students can take media-based classes

Ritsumeikan University Library "Peer learning Room (name: PIARA)"
The Multimedia Room (Kinugasa・BKC)・ICT-Lab.(OIC)


(Kinugasa )Located in the main building of each college
(BKC)BKC Commons
(OIC)OIC Commons

* To avoid disturbing others, it's important to wear a headset or earphones when viewing media-based classes.
*Use of the Information Processing Room 

Technical Equipment

To participate in the media-based class, please make sure to prepare an internet-capable device such as a PC, smartphone, or tablet in order to set up a conducive course environment.

How to install the Microsoft Office and other information about IT service
Check which browsers are compatible with manaba+R

Since everything is connected to the network, information security incidents have become a common issue that can affect anyone. Before using computers and other devices, please verify the website below and use them with extra caution.

Information security

VPN Connection

The VPN connection is a way to connect to RAINBOW system from your home or outside through the Internet. This system allows you to access materials that are normally only available on the university network from outside of campus.

VPN (on-campus network connection from off-campus)

Notes on the usage of Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

The University has installed a Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) in all general classrooms for use in classes.
In order to use the Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) in stable condition, please be aware of the following points.

  • Please connect your PC or smartphone used in class to a stable wireless LAN (SSID) called "5GHz-Rits-1Xauth" dedicated to classrooms. For the details of connection instructions, please refer the RITSUMEIKAN IT SUPPORT SITE

  • In the classroom, please turn off the Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) for smartphones and other devices that are not being used during class.
    Please avoid watching videos that are not related to the class (e.g. YouTube) while in class.

    Special measures for media-based classes in COVID-19 pandemic

    Due to the special measures for COVID-19 pandemic, credits earned in AY2020 and AY2021 are not included in the 60-credit limit above even if the class was conducted as a media-based class, and are all counted as credits required for graduation.

    Besides, after AY2022, due to the special measures for COVID-19 pandemic, credits for courses that are conducted as media-based classes other than those defined as "remote classes" in the Regulations of Colleges will not be included in the above 60-credit limit, and will all be counted as credits required for graduation.

    Handling of Classes When a Weather Warning is Issued due to Typhoon, etc.

    In the event that a storm warning or severe weather warning is issued, or if public transportation services are suspended due to adverse weather conditions, etc., handling of classes, final examination[s], and makeup examination[s] is as follows.

    However, operations that are not included therein shall be determined by the President then the information will be posted on RU website and manaba+R.