Class Implementation Format

Class Implementation for the 2023 Academic Year(Update: March 3, 2023)

Ritsumeikan University has decided to stop the operation of BCP on March 31, 2023.
With this change, the class implementation format for AY2023 will be BCP level 2 or under as indicated in the “Class Format” section of the syllabus.

BCP Level 0 BCP Level 1 to 2 BCP Level 3 to 4
Classes will be held as usual. Face-to-face classes, seminars, experiments, and practicums will be held, having enacted measures to prevent infection. media-based classes may be held for some courses. In principle, media-based classes will be held, but face-to-face classes may be held for some courses.

Class Implementation Format

The following class formats are available for a single class session.

*Since AY2022, classes that incorporate media-based classes as a mode of delivery and are defined as "remote classes that make advanced use of a variety of media" in the Regulations of Colleges are positioned as "remote classes".

*The credits earned through remote classes will be included in the credits required for graduation up to a maximum of 60 credits.

The class format for each course is described in the syllabus. So please be sure to check the syllabus or courses of each class in manaba+R to see how the classes will be conducted.

Special measures for media-based classes in COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the special measures for COVID-19 pandemic, credits earned in AY2020 and AY2021 are not included in the 60-credit limit above even if the class was conducted as a media-based class, and are all counted as credits required for graduation.

Besides, after AY2022, due to the special measures for COVID-19 pandemic, credits for courses that are conducted as media-based classes other than those defined as "remote classes" in the Regulations of Colleges will not be included in the above 60-credit limit, and will all be counted as credits required for graduation.

Handling of Classes When a Weather Warning is Issued due to Typhoon, etc.

In the event that a storm warning or severe weather warning is issued, or if public transportation services are suspended due to adverse weather conditions, etc., handling of classes, final examination[s], and makeup examination[s] is as follows.

However, operations that are not included therein shall be determined by the President then the information will be posted on RU website and manaba+R.