Pathways to the Future / Learning and Growth Report

Pathways to the Future

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Learning and Growth Report

Ritsumeikan University conducts the "Learning and Growth Survey" with the objective of ascertaining the actual status of students' learning and growth. Information related to students' learning and growth can be broadly divided into three types of data:

  • (1)data on universities, colleges, and instructors,
  • (2)objective data on students (such as course registration and grade status, grades, GPA, etc., which are not subjective and come as a result of responsible evaluations by evaluators), and
  • (3)subjective data on students (such as learning opportunities, efforts, and feelings of growth).

The "Learning and Growth Survey" has an important role to play in understanding (3) of these.

The "Learning and Growth Report" is a report on the results of learning and growth of all Ritsumeikan University students, based on the information obtained from the "Learning and Growth Survey". In addition, the "Learning and Growth Report" is published for creating a common understanding of the learning and growth of Ritsumeikan University students based on the results of this survey, as well as to help Ritsumeikan University students who responded to the survey reflect on their own growth and consider their own learning and growth in the future.

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