Manaba+R is an e-learning tool to support your study. It will help you to prepare and review the classes. For this semester, you will use it to join the online classes.

Let's use manaba+R
manaba+R online manual
How to use manaba+R at classes (explainer video)

How to check cancelled classes, makeup classes, and classroom changes
How Class Attendance is taken
Distribution of Handouts
Submission of Report
Course Survey

How to check cancelled classes, makeup classes, and classroom changes

Classes may be cancelled when the instructor in charge of the course is unable to attend due to illness or other reasons.
In principle, makeup classes will be held on the established makeup class days. (Please refer to the academic calendar for the detailed schedule of the makeup classes.)
Makeup classes format will be either face-to-face classes, media-based classes (live-streaming), or media-based classes (on-demand). This may differ from the normal implementation format.

* In the event that classes cannot be held due to a disaster, etc., an established makeup class day may be scheduled on a day other than those specified in the academic calendar.
* The makeup class may be set on other than the established makeup class days after guaranteeing students the opportunity to take the class.
* Exams, quizzes, experiments, and important presentations may be given after guaranteeing students the opportunity to attend and take the tests (including web-based delivery).
* If a makeup class overlaps on the established makeup class day, please attend one of the classes at your own discretion.

You can get the latest information on the courses you are registered for (cancelled classes, makeup classes, classroom changes, etc.) through the Course News on manaba+R.

For information on the courses which are in the process of being registered and are not displayed at “My Courses” on “My page”, please click on the Course News “List all”.You will then see the “All Cancellations, Makeups, Classroom Changes”; please click on it to check the details.

How Class Attendance is taken

How student attendance is taken varies depending on the instructor. (There are some classes where attendance is not checked each time.)

Main methods used to check attendance

  • Use manaba+R via smartphones or laptops during class.
  • Have students submit communication papers, etc.
  • Have students place the Student ID Card in front of the IC card reader.
  • Take attendance orally

Distribution of Handouts

Handouts used in class will be distributed during class or posted on each course page in manaba+R.

The remaining handouts for students who missed class are distributed at the following places for a week after the relevant class.
* These are not distributed for all the courses as the handouts are limited to those requested by the instructor.

・Kinugasa:Gakujikan hall 1F, Manabi Station *College of Letters and Law only
・BKC:Prism House 1F, Manabi Station
・OIC:Building A 1F, OIC Manabi Station, AC Administrative Office
・Suzaku:In front of Administrative Office, Inter-Faculty Graduate Schools, the shelf for handouts

Submission of Reports

How to submit reports or the deadlines differs depending on the instructor.
Please submit them according to the instructions from your instructor.

How to submit a report
・Submit during class
・Submit through manaba+R
・Submit to Manabi Station

Notes on report plagiarism and assisting plagiarism

Course Survey

Ritsumeikan University conducts the “course survey” (for courses offered by colleges) on manaba+R in the 13th to 15th weeks as activities for students and course instructors to not only exchange opinions regarding the expectations from a course and the learning attitude during a semester but also improve courses through mutual cooperation.When it comes time to conduct the survey, the notification will be displayed in “Courses” page of manaba+R, so please check it.

The results of the course survey will be used for future classes or academic improvement. In addition, after the survey is closed, overall results for each course and comments (feedback) from instructors will be posted on the online syllabus (for internal use)

Report on course questionnaire survey results (Only available in Japanese) 

For inquiries

Kinugasa: Gakujikan 1F (Manabi Station)
BKC: Prism House 1F (Manabi Station)
OIC: Building A 1F AC Office (Manabi Station)
Suzaku: Administrative Office, Inter-Faculty Graduate Schools