Grade Notification and Grade Confirmation System

Grades Notification

Grades are released on the designated grade notification date for each course offering period. Students can find their grades on CAMPUS WEB “Course Registration and Grade Status” page. Make sure to verify the credits you have earned and plan your course registration for the upcoming semester.

A grade report for each semester will be made available online for students’ legal guardians, guardians or individuals who take on that roll (parents). The grade report for spring semester will be accessible in early October, while the grade reports for fall semester will be available in late March (only available for undergraduate students).

Grade Announcement Dates for AY2023

Credit Approval Period Period of Target Courses Grade Announcement Date
End of
Spring Semester
Spring semester, Spring intensive, Spring 1st Quarter, and Spring 2nd Quarter September 5 (Tue) 6:30 a.m., 2023
Summer intensiveⅠ~Ⅲ, Spring & Summer September 15 (Fri) 6:30 a.m., 2023
End of
Fall Semester
Fall Semester, Fall Intensive, Fall 1st Quarter, Fall 2nd Quarter, Two-semester, Summer intensive Ⅳ March 5 (Tue) 6:30 a.m., 2024
Winter intensive, Fall & Winter March 15 (Fri) 6:30 a.m., 2024

Grade Confirmation System

[Grade Confirmation System will change from AY2023 Spring Semester]

According to item 5, students will be able to request grade confirmation for all their grades.

Based on the “grade confirmation system,” students may make inquiries regarding their grades if they find any of the following problems on the transcript after the grades are issued.

  • (1)Registered for the course but did not receive a grade
  • (2)Did not register for the course but received a grade
  • (3)Failed to meet the grading criteria described on the syllabus but received a valid grade (A+, A, B, C, P)
  • (4)Registered for the course, met the grading criteria described on the syllabus, but received an F grade
  • (5)Courses registered, received a valid grade (A+, A, B, C, P), but there is clear discrepancy from the grading criteria described in the syllabus. (*Apply from AY2023 Spring semester)

*College of Global Liberal Arts, School of Law and Graduate School of Management have different system. For details, please refer to your college/graduate school “Students Page” on manaba+R.

How to make an inquiry

To make an inquiry, submit the request form to the Manabi Station on your home campus within three days starting from the date of grade issuance (except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).

*This inquiry is solely intended for grade confirmation purposes and does not involve responding to any objections.
*Applications that do not meet the criteria may be rejected.

Application period for Spring Semester courses (Courses with Spring Semester, Spring Intensive, Spring 1Q, or Spring 2Q):
September 5(Tue.)9:00 - September 7(Thu.)17:00 (JST)
 *Submission will not be possible between 19:30 on September 6 (Wed.) and 9:00 on September 7 (Thu.) due to system maintenance.
Application period for Summer Intensive Courses (Courses with Summer Intensive I-III and Spring + Summer course offerings):
September 15 (Fri.) 9:00 - September 20 (Wed.) 17:00 (JST)

Applications submitted after the application submission deadline (September 7, 17:00:00 for Spring semester courses and September 20, 17:00:00 for Summer Intensive courses) will not be accepted. Please note that applications submitted after 17:00:00 will not be accepted.

Applications must be submitted via the web from the following link. Applications will not be accepted at Manabi Station.

KIC Students

BKC students

OIC Students


Please check the example before filling in the application form.

Grade Confirmation Request Form (Example)
Grade Confirmation Request Form

Non-Regular Students

In general, the request procedure is the same for both undergraduate and graduate students.
However, if you can be categorized as any of the following non-regular students, please note that procedures are different.

SKP Students lease follow the instructions given by the International Center at Kinugasa Campus.
Auditing Students Unable to make requests using the Grade Confirmation System.
Non-Degree Students from Affiliate Schools (AP Students) Please follow the instructions given by the faculty member in charge at your school.

For inquiries related to above
(Open: Weekday 9:00~17:00)

KIC: Gakujikan Hall 1F (Manabi Station)

BKC: Prism House 1F(Manabi Station)

OIC: Building A 1F AC Administrative Office(Manabi Station)