Research Ethics Education

Research Ethics Education

As graduate students, in order to ensure that you are able to conduct research freely in a manner consistent with academic integrity, you should have a good understanding of research ethics, including the code of conduct required for researchers, as well as knowledge of the proper methods for presenting research results.

It is very important for you to have fundamental knowledge of research ethics, increased awareness of the necessity and significance of learning research ethics, and the ability to recognize research ethics as your own issue to work on. By doing so, you can avoid being unwittingly involved in ethical misconduct.

Ritsumeikan University has been educating students on research ethics through guidance by research supervisors, regular courses of studies, and extracurricular seminars, while reminding students of risks related to research misconduct, such as falsification and plagiarism, etc. at orientations for new students. Building on such experience, the university conducts research ethics education for all graduate students.

For details of the research ethics education, please see the information from the URL below.

Research Ethics Pre-Seminar

The video of Research Ethics Pre-Seminar is now available.This Research Ethics Pre-Seminar is designed for all new students to learn the attraction of research activities, how to proceed them, and learn the necessity/significance of ethical education.
To learn Research Ethics is essential for you to be treated as a researcher with the ability to conduct research on your own judgement, and important for all researchers to work on their research in a planned way.
Please be sure to watch and check it.

■URL of "Research Ethics Pre-Seminar"

In addition, be sure to take the e-Learning Course on Research Ethics.Please apply for issuance of ID and password on the following website individually.

■URL of "e-Learning Course on Research Ethics"

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