Purchase of a Student Commuter Pass

Purpose of use

A student Commuter Pass is limited to use only for the purpose of commuting to campus.

*Students cannot purchase the student commuter pass for using public transportation to participate in a club activity, work part-time or go job hunting.

Allowable distance

Students can purchase the student commuter pass for the section between the current home address and the nearest station to your home campus.

*Specify your current home address and the commuting route on the enrollment confirmation label on your student ID card.

For the nearest stations please check the following sites:

Required items

When purchasing the student commuter pass, students must present their student ID card.

*You cannot purchase a student commuter pass unless the enrollment confirmation label is attached on the back of your student ID card and your current home address and commuting route are specified on the label. (The enrollment confirmation label on the back side functions as a student commuter certificate)

Important points to note

  • If you use more than two transportation agencies, specify each portion of the route. 
  • If the space on your ID card for providing information on your commuting route is insufficient, you should contact Manabi Station.
  • If you change your address, you need to have your student ID card stamped with a correction seal by the University. Please follow the procedures at Manabi Station.


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    Manabi Station

  Kinugasa: Gakujikan Hall 1F

  BKC: Prism House 1F

  OIC: Building A 1F AC Administrative Office

 Suzaku: Administrative Office, Inter-Faculty Graduate Schools