Student Identification Card (Student ID Card)

The student ID card is not only used to prove that you are a student of Ritsumeikan University, but also used in your daily college life such as for the use of facilities in the University or the confirmation of class attendance via the IC card reader. Please carry your student ID card with you every day and be careful not to lose it.

From the academic year 2022, the label for the back of your Student ID Card (enrollment confirmation label) will change. The last day of the semester of the required standard enrollment period for graduation or completion is printed on the label for the back your student ID card.

Only students who need to purchase a commuter pass will receive a sticker with the relevant academic year printed on the '通学区間/Route' and '通学定期乗車券発行控/Student Commuter Pass Issuance Slip' sections. The sticker must be replaced every academic year, so students who need this sticker should ask for it at the counter.

Distribution of labels on the back side of student ID card

Please bring your student ID card and receive it on your home campus (please refer to the following list for the dates and locations.).

Campus Date and Time for the distribution
*Excludes Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
Kinugasa Wednesday, March 23~Friday, April 15
Opening Hours: 10:00~17:00
Gakujikan Hall
Basement 1st
From Monday, April 12
During the opening hours of Manabi Station
Kinugasa Manabi Station(East)
BKC From Wednesday, March 23
During the opening hours of Manabi Station
Manabi Station
OIC From Wednesday, March 23
During the opening hours of Manabi Station
Manabi Station

*If you do not bring your student ID card, it will not be distributed.

*For graduate students of the Graduate School of Management, please check the notification sent by the Administrative Office of Inter-Faculty Graduate Schools at OIC.

Special response for the time being

Applications for mailing service will be accepted from 9:00 a.m. on Friday, April 1, only if a student has a pre-existing condition or underlying disease that prevents him/her from coming to the campus.
Please apply for the service from the URL of your home campus.

Students affiliated with Kinugasa Campus
Students affiliated with BKC
Students affiliated with OIC

When a Change is Made to Your Address/Commuting Route Written on your Student ID Card

You need to follow the procedure at Manabi Station for the correction of your information written on the back of your student ID card (have your student ID card stamped with a correction seal by the University). After you change the current address registered on the CAMPUS WEB, please come to the MANABI Station.

If there are no more blank spaces left on the label for the back of your Student ID Card (enrollment confirmation label)

Please come to the Manabi Station.

If you lose your Student ID Card

The ID card has to be re-issued; please come to the Manabi Station. (Re-issuance fee: 2,000 yen)

*In the case of damage to the magnetic strip/IC functions or a change of name, etc., the Student ID Card is re-issued free of charge.

For inquiries
Manabi Station
Kinugasa: Gakujikan Hall 1F
BKC: Prism House 1F
OIC: Building A 1F AC Administrative Office
Suzaku: Administrative Office, Inter-Faculty Graduate Schools