Medical Examination/Medical Service Center

Medical Examination

In terms of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, the Medical Examination for the Academic Year 2022 will be conducted with limited items. It may be canceled or postponed depending on the situation of infection spread. We will post a notice on manaba+R in this case, so please check the information.

Under Ritsumeikan University Student Medical Examination Regulations,it is obligated that all graduate and undergraduate student should undergo the medical examination held in April. Students who enroll in the fall semester need to undergo their annual medical examination in September for their first year, then in coming April. Please check manaba+R or the Medical Service Center's homepage for the schedule of medical examination. 

The certificate is not issued to students who did not undergo the annual medical examination conducted by the University. The certificate required for job-seeking activities can be issued for graduating students and students who expected to complete Masters degree program via automatic certificate issuance machines at each campus. It is available from mid-May.

*The results of the medical examination (including the results received in the past years) at the University will be posted to students in the beginning of July on the manabaR.


About the medical service center

We provide consultation and medical services to students.

You are always welcome:

When you have any health problems

When you need first aid treatment

When you want to consult about your physical or mental problems

When you want to quit smoking

When you want information about proper hospitals near the campus


Smoking is prohibited on campus. Smoking on streets around the campus is also banned by ordinance. Feel free to ask for help if you wish to quit smoking.

When you get sick or get hurt on a campus, or when you want to consult someone about physical or mental problems, please come to the medical service center.

The website of the medical service center


Contact information for inquiries on the above

 Medical Service Center

  Kinugasa : Tel 075-465-8232 Shigakukan Hall 1F

  BKC : Tel 077-561-2635 West Wing 1 F

  OIC :Tel 072-665-2110 Building A 1F, the south side (the Building D side)

  Suzaku : Please make an inquiry to Kinugasa Medical Service Center if you have any questions or need assistance.