To Those Who Want to Join Volunteer/Local Area Activities

As you may know, Japan’s voting age was lowered to 18, and this shows that you are responsible for understanding and developing the society you live in.
In addition to developing regular curriculum courses, the Service Learning Center actively works on helping students get engaged in various social activities.
How will your involvement in diverse and complex issues contribute to your growth?

For example:
・You will be able to utilize specialized knowledge you have obtained at the University to solve these issues.
・By involving yourself in an environment that brings awareness of issues, your motivation for learning will further increase.
・Your communication skills will improve because you interact with people of various age groups in your community.
・This is a valuable opportunity that will lead to the creation of the future career not only for students who study to be a civil servant or teacher but also for everyone.

Please use the Service Learning Center of each campus to find the volunteer activities or regional ones that are best for you.

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