Campus International Exchange Areas

The University has various places and programs within its campuses where students can communicate with each other in a foreign language.

Beyond Borders Plaza(BBP)

Beyond Borders Plaza (BBP) uses New Communication Method as Global Commons through interaction between domestic students and students from overseas.Anyone who is studying in Ritsumeikan can use this facility.
BBP will be organizing events and making active efforts to encourage International Intercommunion, Language Learning and Preparation for Studying Abroad.For further information please visit our website.

BBP on each campus has student staff on hand to show you how to use the BBP and guide you through events and programs. If you're curious, visit the BBP first!
Kinugasa:Beyond Borders Plaza
BKC:Central Arc 2F
OIC:Building A, 1F AN office

Foreign Language Communication Room

The Foreign Language Communication Room is a classroom for learning foreign languages, and any student of the University (undergraduate & graduate students) can easily join.The participating students can enjoy various activities such as the practice of conversations, discussions, and games, together with foreign language teachers.Participation is optional. (It’s free!)

“If you want to study foreign languages more and look for opportunities to speak foreign languages,” come to the Foreign Language Communication Room and have fun!

■How to use the Foreign Language Communication Room

Language Learning Support Desks

At the Language Learning Support Desk, BBP facilitator instructors will assist you with general English writing and consultation for general English.
Advance reservation is required for use. Please check the details from the following URL.

■Language Learning Support Desks

BBP Language Exchange Program

BBP Language Exchange Program is a program where you can learn a foreign language via language exchange with the right partner. (Free of charge/Registration is required)

1. Register your “target language” and “the language you can teach”.A Sup! coordinator will look for the best partner for you.

2. Once the partner is found, you’ll be informed via email.

3. Meet on the predetermined hour and day of the week. The SUP! coordinator will introduce you to your partner.

4. Meet up with your partner on a regular hour and day of the week for a language exchange.

5. Once all the sessions are finished, the partner period for the current semester will expire.

■BBP Language Exchange Program

For inquiries
Language Education Center
Kinugasa:Shogakukan Hall 1F
BKC:Central Arc 2F
OIC:Building A 1F AN Office