RDIRI Journal Vol.9  Japanese


Research Papers

Triangulation to Protect Elite Interview Informants:
Citing Documents Rather Than Interview
Sang Hun Lim
Political Economic Methodologies as to Policy Study of Environmental Disruption Economic Sociology and Study of Environmental Disruption in Japan Shinjiro Minami
The Appliance Research of the Business Space at Railway Station Building and Surrounding Area in China -A case of Hankou Railway Station, Wuhan, China- Junchen Wu
A Study of Economic Policies of Local Government in the era of Population Decline:
Case Study of Ibaraki City, Osaka
Yasuo Saeki
Citizens' perception of the law on the statute of limitation:
Internet survey results analysis
Yuko Yamasaki

Research Notes

The Lack of Childcare as a Housing Problem:
Evaluating the Role of Rusunawa Public Rental Housing as Transitional Housing for Low-Income Families in Batam City, Indonesia
Idal Ikhlas, Kimiko Shiki
Research results on tourism-based community development activities in Kinosaki Onsen, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture -Focusing on addressing community issues and approaches to sustainable tourism- Masanari Sakurai

Project Report

Report on World Café Yutaka Enari

Letter from Abroad

Letter from New York Kosuke Wakabayashi